Thursday Evening Thread


is there a thread already? no. what are you drinking eating doing and so on?

I had some linda mccartney burgers. they are tiny. someone recommended the mozzarella burgers but I did not get those. what are the best commercially widely available vegetarian burgers?

going to work because I did basically nothing until 5 o’clock today

fuck it, I’m going to go get some beer

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My left heel is cracking. It’s sore.

alright noisey?

I’m having chicken and broccoli. not exactly an exciting evening. nice night, I could go out for a walk but ill prolly just stay in cos I’m feeling lazy


Watching the game. Might get a kebab at half time.

Widely available then it is the LM mozzarella ones. Unlucky.

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Good evening. Drinking a beer, eating peanuts, watching footeh.

Your mistake here is not getting the mozzarella ones. Which ones did you go for?


Alternatively, make the anna jones burgers. Good burgers.

I know that Waitrose might be a bit of a Tory option but these are great:

The same people do a Kale and Quinoa burger which is almost as good.

Just had some chakri, the gonna have a gregg’s Belgian bun with a cup of tea.

(Trying to work out what to have for my proper tea)

Defo the best. Ever barbecued one?

Yeah, they are good on the BBQ. Flip them quite often because the mozza can stick. Of her quarter pounders the normal one is good but the pulled pork one is a bit shit.

I like the Linda ones - they’re really good on the BBQ

Evening. Had some kind of crappy cheese and tomato bread for tea. Gonna take a walk to tezzas later to pick up some supplies. I really miss having a bike in this town.

Yeah, wondered if the mozza might be a liability. Gonna give it a bash.

Pulled pork veggie anything just seems like an inevitable shitscape.

Pulled pork oomph is surprisingly not shit


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New genre. Bit like 3rd wave ska