Thursday Evening Thread


evening threads seem to be getting later and later these days, huh

what are you all up to? eating, drinking and so on, the standard stuff

I’m probably going to play (possibly finish?) the last of us, that’s pretty much it for me


I’m being forced to endure videos of construction toys on YouTube until toddler bedtime, which can’t come soon enough right now. “Are they doing building Daddy?”

well, are they?

Thirteen minutes, lads!

Put the ball! In the goal! Foot! Ball! Foot! Ball!



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Alright noisey. Eating Pringles while I wait for my dinner to cook (chicken Katsu curry). Watching the footie and supporting England as I need them to finish top in order for my pub quiz to be moved to a night I can make. Come on England!

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Going to make a noodle salad because I can’t bring myself to eat a hot dinner.

Spice butternut squash ravioli for tea.


that must go against everything you stand for

Nah I’m happy for them to do well until there’s a glimmer of a chance that they might actually win.

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you can fit a lot of kate tempest-style pauses into 3 hours

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I’m making chili

not sure how appropriate it is, but we’ll see. mexico is hotter than england

You probably can’t make that into a salad.

if something like caesar salad counts then a pile of chili on a few lettuce leaves ought to as well

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have we had enough jokes about the halloumi shortage or does it still have legs?

Found some halloumi in the great halloumi shortage of 2018. So cooked that up with a salad, new pots and roasted toms and pepper. Just had an ice lolly and watching The Match™.

Reckon this halloumi shortage thing has been fabricated by Big Halloumi to give sales a boost.

Wake up, sheepsmilkle!


I’ll happily be a pawn in their tasty game.

Hmmm prawn and halloumi