Thursday Evening Thread


giant couscous salad for dinner, with roasted pumpkin and mushrooms and hazelnuts, side of avo cucumber and tomato and chunky brown bread. delish.

the tv bought a bunch of bananas and forgot to eat them so we’ve got banana bread in the oven.

sat in front of a fan, might do some reading.



Someone’s food smells incredible on this train. Been dissertation editing in my small room on campus (I have designated it my office, and cleaning staff mistakenly assumed that it actually was my office) which has a toy plastic ukulele in it.


Been to the coast for the day. Now home. Gonna cook some pasta dish up and hope the baby settles down.


No halloumi gp?

I’m on the Staten Island Ferry and going over to Brooklyn in a bit. Took a new photo that I think @japes will like


nah, no halloumi

the giant couscous was left over at work so i took it home with me.

hope you’re having fun! it sure looks like it!


Also, been wondering where I recognised the English girl from my dorm for the last two days. Had a bit of a chat with her today and went away wondering if I’d maybe played hockey against her before. Later on was browsing twitter and it’s only one of the GB team :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


Good news! The washing machine is fixed! I can finally finish doing the laundry from the holiday I returned from best part of a fortnight ago!


hi GP and friends!


eating misery pasta and forgot to buy cheese, so it’s quite bland.

I’m going to do … something? got any ideas anyone?


Toast with butter and honey for dinner for me! I suspect I’ll have something more filling later on.


bake some banana bread


hi bammers! how was your day?


Had another double yoker earlier. Two this week, from the same 6 pack of eggs. Should I put on a lottery ticket?


alright thanks mate, went out in the rain earlier which was amazing. I had forgotten what rain felt and smelt like :slight_smile:


Go buy some cheese


I’ve got no bananas or … bread? I’m not totally sure how you make banana bread, I admit


Update: I’ve had cheese on toast now too


On our way home.

America thoughts:

Not enough kettles / tea
Very clean (where we’ve been anyway)
Super cool people
Loads of plugs
Good trains


basically make a cake and throw some bananas in. you need flour, eggs, sugar, bananas, butter, and bicarbonate of soda. and chocolate if you want to be fancy


good trains???