Thursday Evening Thread


Heey! How’s it going? What’s for dinner? What’s your plans? I’m pretty excited it’s Friday tomorrow.


alright witches,

went to see a film (instead of looking for jobs, nice one), going to get some chips in a minute or two, probably will play some computer games. exciting night


Watching cricket.

The takeaway I wanted to order from is shut :frowning:

So ‘do a Witches’ and order a load of sushi.


I was rereading your post and wondering “Why do I crave tacos, they had chips for dinner!” You have made me want tacos for dinner :smiley:

Also, looking for jobs is grim, don’t beat yourself up for having a break :slight_smile: I hope you enjoyed the film! What did you see?


Evening Witches :wave:

Just getting my stuff together and packing whilst having a wee vino.

Fecking starving but told the tv I’d wait for her to get home and she’s been held up at work.

Maybe I have some crisps stashed away :thinking:


Hi Witches

Just finishing up at work, had a pretty productive day. Tea is garlic portobello mushrooms with whatever the cupboards have in them at the moment. WFH tomorrow since we finally have an engineer coming over to do our internet so… is this my Friday? Maybe.


Got the flat to myself for a few hours. Fuck all food in so I steamed some frozen dumplings and am now eating a packet of peanut butter oreos with a cup of tea.


Watching seven psychopaths with the tv cuddled up on the couch <3

Salad and a veggie patty for dinner. Also snaffled a few mouthfuls of the tv’s pasta.


Evening @Witches (strong eventhread work) et al.

I made a butternut squash curry for tea.

We’re still short of students but we’re apparently doing better than the other campus.


Working. Take the TV to pilates in a bit. Buy some salmon and veg to stir fry. Cook. Crash on the sofa.


When are you away? I am insanely jealous of your holiday and your wine and if you have chips I will be jealous of that also.

My tv is also held up at work so dinner is delayed :sob:

Wtf, why did I read this as chips!? Well… I’d like crisps too.


Fly out from Edinburgh tomorrow lunchtime :+1:
Canny wait to get there.

Well now I want chips! :grinning:


tacos for one and all!

problem is that I’ve been spending more time avoiding looking for jobs than actually doing it recently. saw apostasy, which is about some northern jehovah’s witnesses having a bad time. it was good!



had pasta pesto for tea with some poppadoms on the side, so that’s my crisp quota for the day probably.

waiting for celeb MC.

MrS has bought a new telly so is likely going to be fiddling with sound and display settings for flipping hours whilst i pretend to notice the difference and be suitably impressed :slight_smile:


That’s quite a rogue pairing Slicks!!


having chocolate fingers for tea.



Hi Witches :wave: hi everyone :wave:

Made pancakes earlier which were ridiculously fluffy :yum:

Had a lazy day with a sick R, think I have a bit of what he’s got too so I was glad he wasn’t too energetic.

Going to read my book this evening probably, I have done over 100 pages in less than a week which is a blistering pace for me, think I might finally be properly back into reading now :+1:


On the ferry to Vancouver Island, levels of cba high. Got sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo though :+1:.

Did this weird nighttime hike in Whistler last night that was a sound and light show, at times it was so intense I thought I was tripping.


ha well, thing was it was cook 3 different dinners day in Casa Slicky.
So me and R had pasta pesto, V had pizza and mrS and his Dad had curry - hence the poppadoms.

they were mini ones so they were ok on the side :smiley:


what are you reading atm, fl? :slight_smile:

i’m trying to encourage myself to read more again