Thursday Evening Thread


had a tomato salad and veggie patty for dinner, after i gobbled the leftover rice of the tv’s curry. was absolutely starving, first time on my diet i’ve felt that hungry.

just listening to music and chilling out. should start to organise some stuff for my work trip so i don’t have to do it at the weekend but nah. dreading it.

could have a bath i guess, actually.



Dinner’s on. Fan-run pre-World Championship Netrunner tournament stream is up. Trousers are off.

Here. We. Go.


Evening gp.

Just having everything that was left in the freezer with some pasta and a tomato sauce. Is OK but not great.


In the pub for a pre-match pint before the football.


Going to see Titus andronicus


why do the Scottish feel compelled to take off items of clothing when partaking in certain activities?!

first japes, now this. and then there’s the whole ‘taps aff’ thing I don’t really get.




Yeah I’m not sure ice cream, onion rings and pasta really go


I’m cooking pasta whilst sneezing uncontrollably


Wor Lass made crispy tofu stir fry. It’s the first time we’ve been able to cook this week. I haven’t eaten any meat today but I think my total portions of veg this week are still in single figures.


not with that attitude


aating some unpleasant olives that cost 99p. shoulda sprung the extra 50p for some I know I like

this would be my disappointment of the day if that wasn’t a rip off of @ttf


Start the rolling thread


Cos we’re too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.


It was mostly frozen veg left by my flatmate and Linda Macs, son onion rings would have gone down a treat in it I reckon.

Anyhow got enough for all my teas left here.


Oh for ffs’ sake. @profk, remember what I said would get you laughed out of the room yesterday?

Fucking Americans.


For my daughter’s treat she picked takeaway pizza. I may have (i.e. definitely have) eaten too much. Someone roll me up to bed.


Minor domestic crisis due to my flat having no water or electrics. I was away last night and returned to find that the boiler had a leak which had shorted out the electrics and absolutely pissed through into downstairs. Fortunately my folks are away and I’m crashing at theirs, currently eating mackerel and drinking chianti


(dude on the right is wearing sunglasses)


netjogging is a really stupid name. shouldnt it be netjogger anyway