Thursday Evening Thread ✈️

Evening! I’m stuck in a little airport for another three hours :sleeping:. Done my expenses and my timesheets whilst I’ve been waiting, get me!

It’s going to be hard to beat the last two nights dinner and I’m not really hungry but I’m going to see what the airport pub has to offer to pass the time.

What are you all up to? Good stuff for dinner? Asked anyone out today?


hello laelfy,
I am going to a burrito, I am looking forward to this

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I am listening to Nine Inch Nails and getting anxious because I’m applying for a job I actually want. :open_mouth:

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What are you going to get in your burrito?

What’s the job?



pharmacy are closing in 15 minutes so not really enough time to go and see if they sorted out the meds. I will need to go tomorrow

Baking in a bread co-op. The pay’s not great but bread, maaaan.


Oh have a day off funsponge!

Evening! Just smashed some nuggz. That’s all that is happening in my life tonight

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I have not thought this far ahead I’m afraid to say, who doesn’t like some kind of spontaneity

Hi laelfers, all. Just about to take the lasagne I made out of the oven, along with some chips. Watching The Family and going to have a beer. It’s my Sunday night though :grimacing:


Hey, not sure what to make for tea.

Maybe mushroomy pasta. Or some quinoa.

Had to go to the hospital earlier because of bowel nastiness but hopefully on the mend now. Just sat watching awful telenovelas now

Please have something more :slightly_smiling_face:


Watching cricket til 7, before I make tea so needs to be something quick.

That would be in London. So no.

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Hello everyone! :wave:

Trying to decide between lasagne and local Indian. It’s my Friday so so tempted by Indian. Delicious Indian.

  • One naan
  • Two naan
  • Balti
  • Korma
  • Tikka masala
  • Sweaty lettuce bag
  • Rice
  • Bhajis
  • Poppadom

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Anyone know how strict Flybe are with their onboard luggage size? I’ve got a little wheely case which is fine on other airlines but doesn’t look like it fits in their luggage sizer thingy.

-----official 6pm start of evening-----