Thursday Evening Thread!!

Hello everyone.

How has your day been?
What are you having for your dinner?
Where the HELL was the coat hook thread @japes? How very disappointing.

I am alone this evening, so will mostly be looking at paint and trying not to wrap myself up in my giant roll of bubble wrap. I laid out all the ingredients to make a gingery/lemony cake too, that might be an activity for tomorrow evening instead.


Sorry if someone has already made this, I couldn’t see one but if I missed it then…


We’ve eaten sumac roasted chicken thighs tonight. It was excellent.

I might be zooming with some school friends or we might watch the last three episodes of I May Destroy You.

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So so sleepy

Luckily dinner is made and just needs heated up (chorizo stew). Might read in the sofa but think I’m too tired to even decide what book to start

Gonna do a film later, discussions will be had over suitable titles. Might do a beer order too

Comprehensive positing or what!

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When is your film night?

As in your film night on DiS, I’m not inviting myself over to yours to watch films :blush:

Evening Witches &etc

my day has been decent: been in my studio finishing a remix and it sounds good now

Back to actual work next week though

I had Pad Thai with chicken for dinner - it was 7.8/10

Don’t know anything about a coat hook thread

Dunno what I’m doing this evening other than putting the little one to bed. We’re on chapter 29 out of 30 of Treasure Island


It’s too hot inside but I resent being outside. It’s Sophie’s Choice.

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Off to the gym

I’m going to have a beer!


On the way back from Totnes, put a piano in a van.


I have no beer.

TBC, working that out tonight also. Sunday maybe? Are Sunday’s allowed?


had a mini roast dinner, now listening to the new microphones album, later i’m going to experiment with backwards drums


Dunno :woman_shrugging: I’d watch a sunday film

Haha, aaaah, it’s a 20 minute walk away, which isn’t too bad, but it’s along London Road and it’s a bit of an ugly walk.

it’s too hot so I’m eating custard cremes in a grump


Too hot and its not even 30 degrees ffs what will I do tomorrow when its 36

I have so much beer but don’t want any, how did we end up in this dilemma


Haha, eek. I mean, I do have beer but it’s a big bottle of The Kernel which I don’t really want to crack into when I’ve got work tomorrow. I am making a cup of tea instead.

Do you have any nice sours?