Thursday evening thread


Hi. I’m trying to plan my travel for the next few days. BE - NL - UK (Essex - London - Oxford - Liverpool). Need to be in Liverpool by Saturday morning. I’ll get home at 1am and have to leave the house again at 6am. :dizzy_face::mask::smiling_imp:

longshot - anyone else going to Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Conference?


Ordered shoes for the wedding last week. Delivery attempted on Tuesday and Wednesday. The courier finally had the sense to leave them with a neighbour today.

Get them home. Open them up. They’ve only sent me a pair of size 11s rather than the 10s I ordered.




I’m going to go for a run. I really feel this is my last opportunity to get on top of my anxiety and self-esteem problems.


My only advice would be to spend as little time in Harwich (assuming you’re going Hoek Van Holland - Harwich) as possible. Proper shite


I think I might eat dinner tonight


I’m going out for burgers.

September Weekend is my favourite. Planning on playing a lot of Fallout4 and drinking during work hours.

I accidentally volunteered to set up a department Facebook page at work today. That awkward moment etc.


SSP - whats gone on with fidel?

genuinely interested as I have no idea


might do that too.


Making dinner now then going to catch up on some reading.

Might go to an improv gig later but I also have to apply for a job that’s come up and I’ll need all my mental fortitude to do that.


Had leftover spag bol for dinner. Going out for a couple of beers later.

b d


Good evening everyone




Hi everyone, welcome to the thread.

I am reeeeeeally struggling to find somewhere to stay on Saturday night. Needs to be somewhere I can get a train to from Liverpool after 8pm. Everyone is really expensive.


Evening all. Pretty full of cold right now. Going to drink tea and eat chocolate covered honeycomb bits and watch Bake Off and maybe play some guitar. Quiet weekend this weekend thankfully.:dizzy_face:


do you want some money?


no it’s fine, I’m just gonna stay somewhere really cheap in Birmingham and go straight back the next day. REeeeeeally dreading the next few days of my life.


why are you dreading it? I thought you liked travelling and politics?


Not as much as I like sleeping