Thursday Evening Thread

Bit late, isn’t it?

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Oh ffs. I stopped to shout at the cat or I’d have been in first.

You win this time shakes fist

Had a haircut, now got to wait an hour in town until the cinema. I did something bad… I went to five guys. Why didn’t I get ramen???

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yeah as I said before, everything sucks!

You don’t suck tho xx


Hey everyone

Having a beer and listening to Smog. Jacky p and beans will be dinner when I can be bothered to prepare it

Quite bored :neutral_face:

thanks, I mean I kinda do but I’m trying my best!

Here’s my pizza again then.

Too beautiful not to force you all to look at.


I craved a Five Guys burger, cajun fries and banana milkshake for all of lockdowns 1,2 and 3.

I went to Braehead over the summer and had one and it didn’t really hit the spot.

@Scout - this kind of engaging content is why I won this round of Thread Wars.


Well I don’t think you do and my opinion is the only opinion that matters. This is a fact, it is how it has always been and how it always will be :blush:

Bam, I feel a bit sick. Remind me not to buy five guys again.


Yeah it was not great. I’ve never had one before and expected a wee bit better. That’ll learn me.

What you off to see witches?! And why didn’t you get ramen?!

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Because I’m an idiot lopes :expressionless: never again. A few of us are off to see Dune!


Had my pdr today. In a rare demonstration of self belief, I awarded myself the topmost score of Outstanding, before asking for a better title and more money. My manager was like, ‘Yay, i agree, etc’

I don’t think I really understand business, but today I did a good business.


Haha no way. A buddy of mine messaged me the other day and said let’s go get ramen then go see dune. :laughing:
I kiboshed the ramen idea before because as much as I love ramen it’s a lot it eat before a film.

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Off tomorrow. Having some beers.

  • Pizza
  • Local Indian

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bless your heart x

I think I had five guys once, seemed nice but a bit rich

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I think Five Guys is a huge deal here because we don’t have fancy food places

Haha what a coincidence! I’m just a loner having my burger tho. I just realised I am probably far too obviously staring at a school girl doing her homework next to me. I’m just like whaaaaat at the fact she has a MacBook and she looks about 14. I know this isn’t anything wild but I can’t stop thinking back to all the big thick books I had to heave around :laughing: OLD.


I have enjoyed them in the past but maybe I’m too sophisticated for them now.

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