Thursday evening thread

That’s what Rocky would do before going out for a run if they did a reboot.

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Then use the bread as a sweat rag

Was thinking of going for a run tomorrow :thinking:

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Meeting some work pals for a succulent Thai meal, am the only person who will be drinking. Currently sat on my own in a pub drinking a perfectly acceptable pilsner before going to the restaurant. It’s alright, missed the pub quite a lot.

Round seeing ma ATDs new pad. Fuck me, proper grown ups house :laughing:
Gonna have a few drinks and chew the fat

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I’m taking a break between films and am now looking at YouTube reviews for the McDonald’s Festive Burger and Subway’s Nacho Chicken Bites.

I’m evening has suddenly dived.

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Was so distracted all day fucking hell. Has a last min video call with a colleague I fancy even though I’ve never met them irl which made me even MORE distracted.

Just downed two bowlfuls of pasta & meatballs :spaghetti: and might watch UK drag race later.

Got a cold. Not sure I can taste much apart from extremes. LFTs are saying it’s not Covid so that’s a plus. Tempted to order an extremely hot curry.

So fed up of feeling so shit, pals.

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Love to you ruffs xx


Feeling better. Had a lentil daal with some roasted broccoli. Was fine.

Might crack open the chocolonely in a bit.

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I made a cottage pie. It was pretty great, wish I’d taken a pic

Absolutely zero plans this evening

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Long day and MH has gone down the toilet. Jacket potatoes for dinner again. Not sure what else, got the online shop to do and might listen to some podcasts.

bit cold

I wish only my best friends and nice people I’m dating had my phone number.

What should I do tonight? It’s almost certainly going to be read and sleep very early but let’s at least pretend I’ve got something more interesting to do.

Things in a

Thread idea for tomorrow


Tempted for watching a film?

Went for a couple and pretzel at a German place after work. Got a little bit of taste for it.

Just had some nice tortellini with roast veg.

Sorry about how you’re feeling funky. You really cheered me up this week, so you should be basking in some altruism. Always here if you want a chat :heartbeat:


Ordered an extremely hot curry and a garlic and cheese naan. Hopefully this fixes me.