Thursday evening thread

Went for a couple and pretzel at a German place after work. Got a little bit of taste for it.

Just had some nice tortellini with roast veg.

Sorry about how you’re feeling funky. You really cheered me up this week, so you should be basking in some altruism. Always here if you want a chat :heartbeat:


Ordered an extremely hot curry and a garlic and cheese naan. Hopefully this fixes me.


Hmm, i really would like to watch The Favorite but can’t find it anywhere. Might watch some Brookyln 99.

Do you think Chris Martin is singing about sending a very spicy Local Indian to someone in ‘Fix You’?

Appreciate that I just can’t type but why doesn’t my phone support me in correcting my nonsense? I feel like someone has set my autocorrect to make everything incorrect, which would be a great curse to put on someone.


It’s on my long long list.

The director’s films are hit and miss for me and from the clips I’ve seen it doesn’t seem like a must watch for me…and I’ve shit taste in films. I love Olivia Coleman though. Who doesn’t?

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Swear my phone corrected multi-pack to multi-party yesterday. That’s not a thing.

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Mine corrects Manchester to manchetsre except just now for the first time ever when I wanted it to. What a dickhead.

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Had to stay an hour and a half late at work doing someone elses stuff that they couldnt be bothered to do. Still gotta go out and put up posters and do band admin tonight. Irked. Hungry. Grumble.

Watching Red Notice.

It has the Rock in.


Would respect him a lot if so.

got a beef massaman curry to collect shortly

then as much Succession as my cringe facilities can handle - plus 1 beer

my phone corrects thing to thong every time

and sure i type thong now and then but seriously, “thing” is by far the more common options. GET A GRIP APPLE

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I’m always talking about thongs on here but that’s because my thumbs are rubbish, not autocorrect.

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Gonna have an couple of baileys, i think, as it’s Christmas.


Just had a terrifying shower. Was very slippy, had to sit down but got tangled in my legs and there was too much soap and I don’t think I got it all off. Disaster.

Making a curry now.

Sitting down in the shower is pretty fun really, until you need to get up.

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Also been taking the head off recently to get the full water blast in my face so I can’t breathe for a few seconds, that’s exhilarating.

Jordan Peterson’s on Question Time tonight so going to have to hate-watch that too #normalcountry