Thursday Evening Thread

Alright? Had a really shit day, lightened by the ol’ DiS Song Contest of course. Got my car back yesterday with a new clutch but now the gearbox is fucked so it’s got to go back in. Also got a bill from HMRC for ‘overpayment of tax credits’ to the tune of £498. Pretty miserable ngl. Local Indian on the way for dinner, purely medicinal.


Oh that sounds like a really shitty day, I’m sorry. Have some creepy hugs :hugs: :hugs: You can ask HMRC to adjust your tax code to enable you to repay the overpayment over a year, although of course that’s a bit shit too. Local Indian sounds very nice though.

My dad has been non-eventful. Can’t decide between anchovy pasta or spicy chicken for dinner. Cba to cook either tbh.



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I was complaining today about parenthood making me boring too.


Wedges and sausages for dinner in plague house. Gonna have a beer named after a Great British Bake Off contestant later (and try not to think too much about it being 11%)

Evening all!

It’s been quite a long and chaotic but uneventful day.

I made a bean chilli in the slow cooker and we ate that with nachos and some sauces (guac/ salsa/ sour cream). I’m always pleased with how healthy it seems despite the fact it is pretty much just crisps and beans.

Might watch Deerskin tonight because why wouldn’t I watch a film about a man and his coat?

:smiley: My poor dad! He’s probably the person I have the most funny stories about tbh.

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I’ve just emailed my local MP about the bins so my evening/week has peaked.

We very time I think about mailing my mp I remember it’s Caroline Lucas, who would be doing the right thing anyway


Hi. Feeling a bit miserable tbh. Had a Huel for tea because I can’t be fucked. Hoping that The Apprentice and Love Is Blind cheer me up a bit. Also hope that it absolutely pelts it down with snow tonight.


Got home early to bar my windows up with plywood in lieu of Storm Eunice. Looks like it’s going to be a big one.

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Just done my order a half, get a big schooner trick

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Well, I am tempted…


Gonna put the bins in the garage

Wimp if you don’t get extra fries.

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Just got an email from KFC telling me that I can now get a £10 bucket of popcorn chicken delivered. Tempting stuff.


Everything seems to be veal here


midrange steaks are impossible to find. its either shit veal or the greatest actual cow steak you’ve ever had but its 20 euros.

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