Thursday evening thread

I’m going to make my first one of these.

The reason is that my niece’s flight back from Italy to Gatwick is delayed which means she’s going to be breaking her trip home and coming to stay with us for the night.

I haven’t seen her for ages, and I’m mega excited!

Anyone else going to have a happy evening?


Margaritas and hip hop chip shop before i go painting :yum:

M currently voguing whilst watching Trans Vegas do a sort of bollywood hip hop dance off


Had beans on toast an hour or so ago so I’m not massively hungry. Think I’m depressed again, brilliant.

I’m my hotel room that overlooks a cemetery :headstone: :smiling_face:

Need to decide where to go for dinner

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Gorgeous view


Seen any ghosts yet?



I took The Child to the library this afternoon and then came home to make a lentil loaf for tea. It was a bit crumblier than I hoped but it was OK.

No plans tonight but hopefully we’ll watch a film after The Child is asleep.

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I need to trim my fringe and then have a shower and then do the washing up. Then we’re having steak and chips for dinner

Imagine climate change made a day last 60 hours


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Had leftover pasta. Having a couple of beers my brother’ gave me (Lakes Brew Co - West Coast IPA), pretty decent. Think I need to get out

Hey Colin

Been hospital with my daughter for a check on her HSP illness. All ok, but still not discharged from the illness. Took her to McDs after for a happy meal. She didn’t really eat much of it, so I’ve had an impromptu half of a happy meal. Stir fry, TdF, succession, beers, bed


Had a really good and busy tour on top of a randomly very busy day so got home late. Had SF chicken n chips for tea. Got a few chores to do still :sleeping:

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Jekyll and Hyde night tonight.

Another healthy big gym sesh, followed by a spoons curry club meal and a couple of pints later.

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Actually had a decent day at work and felt like I got some productive stuff done. Listening to The Decemberists and playing cards with the youngest. Gonna have a beer and watch Seinfeld in a bit

Kusama was…meh. Did some good camouflaging though



Been playing shut the box with my niece. Good game for kids if you want them practice a bit adding up

Bad typo


Kiddo is sick, I’m getting sick and have loads of work to do this evening. Fed up. Very sad ready made veggie moussaka for dinner :nauseated_face: