Thursday evening thread

The scanning the receipt thing happened to me for the first time yesterday. Sainsburys, Purley Way in Croydon.

Just thought it was a Croydon thing. I didn’t even buy anything, so had to ask someone a let me out.

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Lost everyone at the festival so I’m sipping on prosecco (free) listening to Skindred…


Yeah it’s ultra fucked up. It’s so hostile. Loads of people sometimes need to leave a shop very quickly with good reason. I hate this shit. I emailed Sainsbury’s over it (and a member of staff being loudly transphobic near me) and they couldn’t give less of a shit. Dunno why I expected them to.

I think it was somebody on here who came up with the idea of yanking the gates open often enough that they decide it’s a pain in the arse to keep them.


Dad has been snoring on the sofa for like an hour, go to bed!

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m on the train home from my day at work. I had a really good time. I feel very at home and well looked after in my workplace and I’m now 6 months in feeling like I’ve properly settled in. Working here has been immeasurably positive for my wellbeing in general. I feel very thankful that they decided to give a job to the fucked up little ball of anxiety who interviewed last year, and that’s no longer me.

I’m gonna listen to Joanna Newsom’s masterpiece Divers and eat two Gregg’s glazed rings :v:

Hope u all have a fucking great evening


£3 without nectar card for a bag of crisps wtf


This is really wonderful to read :two_hearts:


What a great pos…oh

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If there’s one thing living in south London teaches you it’s how easy it is to force a security gate open. It’s really pretty easy and arguably for precisely the safety reason you rightly highlight. It’s basically just a slight deterrent to shoplifters, but frankly at the supermarket I was at this evening even if you barged the gate open with armfuls of vodka the security wouldn’t bother challenging you

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Not that I would know you understand


Got a box of little Lidl beers, got 2 free sofas, a free dining table and a free desk from the internet so we’re mostly moved in now.


I am currently listening to

Hen Ogledd - Mogic


I had previously listened to it with others in a pub a couple of weeks ago!

Getting stabbing pains in my stomach if I breathe in too deeply, so I’m just going to quietly sit here and wait for the sweet release of death/a fart that makes it all better.

Saw lots of squirrels in Keele

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Want to see the Gideon George Osbourne 2,500 word e-mail more tbf.

EDIT: Actually I don’t from a cursory search of the dead bird app it sounds grim as fuck.

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Rain pouring down during M83, kinda epic

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It’s so great when the big fart finally comes from on high

It’s really funny that the arse makes that sound when we fart

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At this point I’d take it coming out my anus