Thursday evening thread


can’t be having the dayshift thread bumped at almost 7 o’clock!! what would the neighbours think?

wot u up to? working late, just got a takeaway and the proprietor just gave me grief about paying for £11.90’s worth of food with a card. smh.


I’m working away from home so sitting in a Chinese by myself. They also refused to take card for £10 worth of food so I had to run to the cash machine. Funny how some places you can pay with your phone and others not even with a card.

Plan to go back to my room and watch all the tv, looking forward to the last episode of Hunted, hope the ‘grey man’ wins.


laying on the sofa listening to Dusty Fingers vol 7. one of the best volumes, for sure

should probably go for a run. developed a small jazz gut


this place said their minimum is £17. clearly made it up on the spot.

got told i had a ‘dad bod’ yesterday. bad scenes.


Just prepped some cod and I’m listening to the stranger things soundtrack.

Will probably go to bed around 9.


Bamming up the music board, mostly.

Had a burger. It was fine. Will probably play Stellaris for a bit now. I’ve got half an idea of doing a series where I simulate Brexit in it, because one of the diplomatic options is to kick out all the ruddy bloody aliens in your crumbling empire and you can give your race characteristics like “fanatic xenophobe” and “isolationist”, but I need to get better at actually playing the game first.


Hello. Nothing to report.


Hi friends, in the office now, heading to the Noname gig in half hour or so.

Big annual day for me, the end is in sight:


oh, actually, I had my hair cut today. The hair cutting man talked me out of the cut I wanted but what he did actually looks dead nice so I am happy with it.

Here’s a picture if anyone cares


Having some drinks, pizza in the oven then off to see glass animals later! Sweet! :slight_smile:


awesome hair and solid all round look


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

lol this was meant for @Tilly


Drawing, drawing, drawing. Got to crank out 24 of these in the next ten days + draw some elements to be used in an animation.

Didn’t like the trees and pylon on this one so removed them with the magic of tippex (and later clear up on Photoshop)


what the fuck is wrong with this board, maaaaaaan




Bloody hell, was that tipp-exxing absolutely painful?


working late at a film school. thought i would take a break and go to the bar for a pint. now drinking a stella for £2.50. fucking hell, this is bleak.


Not at all- I used a tippex pen then drew over it again in ink. I make liberal use of tippex if it’s gonna be scanned into the computer- it’s pretty common practice, as it doesn’t show up (the blue pencil doesn’t either if you scan in b&w).


Safe as #TricksOfTheTrade


love this expression. enjoy the gig, dawg