Thursday evening thread



gonna be stuck at late til midnight at this rate, ordered indian food and booze in.

what you up to?


Trying to figure out a way to sneak into that angel olsen + the raincoats gig tonight, or even the anxiety show
Why is everything good sold out


Still at work but on my third beer. Meeting a pal for more beers after.



My friend had a spare ticket on offer earlier, but I couldn’t go. It was like £20 too.


saw this t’other day, got a new found respect for the guy

“You know, I haven’t made the effort to walk down the street 10 blocks to the microbrewery where they’re making some f—ing Mumford and Sons IPA. People get all bent about it.”



Still enjoying my day of doing nothing before work and drunkenness this weekend.

Come to think of it I did actually tell someone I’d write them a blog post this week, but I’m sure I can do that tomorrow.

Had two ~massive~ cups of tea so far today, which is rare cause I don’t drink tea all that often (unless I’m in Britain cause then I get influenced by your collective tea addiction).



Just donned the old suit as I’m about to go and schmooze a couple of clients.
Then back home for some dinner :slight_smile:


Yeah, he’ll happily fly across the world to try some obscure delicacy because of its famed taste experience, but god forbid he go down the road to sample a really amazing beer someone has worked hard to produce.


how hot was the water you used? did you manage not to get third degree burns?


Darn! I’m trying to convince my friend to let me in the back door, oy.


Obviously poured it in freshly boiled from the kettle, but thankfully I had the sense to wait a little bit before drinking it so no burns this time. Also managed to not spill it on my groin, which is nice to avoid.


TMI there Ruffers


that’s quite a controversial opinion tbh


my t’internet;s broken and I wanted to watch the french noirs in sight and sound

gonna play san andreas in me pants instead


Hang on, wait, even Anxiety is sold out? But they play like every week? MK must have some kind of special deal on Glasgow-London fares by now.


Did absolutely loads of work today, even got complimented on my work by a competitor. Got home, cleaned the stairs and one of the bathrooms and now I have to do the second bathroom.

Going to drink approx. two beers later on, finish two reviews and then watch the Organized Noize documentary.


Also, waiting to open that tea thread later. I reckon the bottle of champagne has been broken on the hull of HMS Beeves in that thread.


Haven’t you got an extensive itinerary of the hotspots of Maidstone to compile?


Love Triangle too who I guess are pretty popular
The main attraction is of course karaoke afterwards so again, will have to sneak in for that.


Pub dinner with colleagues soon. Otherwise just obsessively reading tweets about the Netrunner World Championships that are being played right now.