Thursday evening thread


Evening all. Bit blowy out there today, eh? Still working atm but thinking of sacking it off very soon. Need to think up something for tea and then play guitar. wbu?



No real plans. Been W-Ing FH so haven’t got dressed or been out today :confused:
Got some bread baking.
Apprentice is on telly later
Probably read a bit.


Going to see an organ and electronics performance in a cathedral at seven. My mate Dave is doing the visuals. Cannot. Fucking. Wait.


blasting all the shite out of an essay, should be done tonight/tomorrow morning, then i’m going to ride the lighting to the end of the semester.

Also been cast in a play where I have to play a bumbling frenchman who owns a sandwich shop, if anyone has any experience of a character like this let me know x


what’re they doing this week on apprentice? Been drawn into it this year after a solid 5 year break.


Something about sailing… selling boats or something…or not selling maybe… sugar looked hella pissed off


When I go directly from bed to wfh I usually convince myself to pop to the shop at the end of the day because it’s important to get out the house / stretch the legs / get fresh air. Always end up buying pizza.


This sounds amazing. Surprises me that there aren’t more drone-y / murky electronics shows at churches and cathedrals. Maybe I just follow the wrong people on twitter.


There’s something about a day of near-constant wanking that really puts one in the mood for a pizza


nothing happening. what’s a good dinner for someone with stomach troubles?


That is gonna be mint!


St John at Hackney church are good for this.


I’m on a six hour train back to Edinburgh. Its dull.


Feels like I’ve been at work for a week today - got so little done in my free period this morning and didn’t get as much as I wanted done this afternoon.

Drive home took me an hour. It’s pissing freezing outside.

Five assessments to mark for tomorrow morning.


Home alone tonight. Pizza and shit TV I guess.


tinned soup?


Thought my flat mate was away for the next couple of days so I was disappointed to find out that I’d mixed my dates up.

Going to eat some pasta and then go round a mates place to listen to some records.


just remembered I saw Grouper there last year (maybe year before?) and it was excellent.


Alone, depressed, etc


Just read this thread and it genuinely had me crying with laughter.