Thursday, evening time is here

Alright? Had a nice day doing a few things around the house while watching King Of The Hill and investigating mortgages. Got M&S meat feast pizza for tea and maybe a beer. YOU?


Evening funky. I’m in Preston and will be working till late this evening whilst watching the ‘pool. I also have a buffet box planned from Mr Lam’s! That’s the height of my excitement

Had fajitas. Now watching Richard Osman and his house of games.

Will no doubt do my usual of thinking about doing some work, and not bothering.

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Tea in a bit!!

So glad I’m feeling happier today. Yesterday was a wooouuuurrrgh from start to end tbh

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New xiu xiu tune’s dropped, a bit of a banger.

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Did one of those finger prick blood tests today (Thriva) to check my Vitamin D, cholesterol and liver function. They’re the ones I chose to get checked.

gon have a steak. just made chimichurri :yum:


Haven’t done this for ages, need to soon.

Evening all!

I had a busy and productive day, including a surprise restart during a very strictly timed assessment presentation.

We ate pasta bolognese with garlic doughballs for tea. It was good.

I’m meant to be Zooming ATDs tonight but not sure if it’s happening.

Got an Indian takeaway and beers…and films.

Last fun free evening before I start a bunch of night shifts at work tomorrow.

1.3kg seems a lot but £3 so


yeah it’s dece

going to have it with roasted sprouts which is not quite traditional but i have some so here we go



I have ordered a kebab and pushed the boat out by ordering a fancy pop to go with it.




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Nothing luxury comes in a 1kg box :smiley:

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DiS Mario Kart tonight if anyone wants to join in

Early positivity of today quickly disappeared because the weight of everything crushed me. Too many things to do I can’t handle and rubbish impossible decisions where there are massive downsides to any option.

Family keep poisoning me with undercooked onions, really fun to be in a whole bunch of pain a couple of times a week because I will get a whole bunch if trouble for not eating. Wish they’d warn me and give me the option to say no thanks, I’ll make my own dinner instead. Or, y’know, actually cook the onions for more rhe two minutes.

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