Thursday evening time

Alright? Had a pretty unremarkable day at work then left early cause the plumber was coming over but he never turned up. Got jacket potatoes in the oven for tea, probably with hoops & sausages I reckon. What’s going on then?

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Had soup for dinner :wink:

Actually did, but with cheese on toast and extra bread.

Off to yoga then it’s more the Watcher and wine.

Billy has perked right up today so that’s good / annoying in equal measure :rofl:


Evening all!

We had a cauli and chorizo tray bake thing for tea. It was good.

I’ve spent most of the day playing computer games but I’m secretly hoping Wor Lass goes to bed early so I can keep playing. I would also accept an evening of watching some TV too though.


Evening all :wave:

All good today, met an old colleague for lunch and then had a meeting this afternoon. Shit drive though (torrential rain on the way there, queues all the way back).

Just going to catch up on the politics thread and have some leftover tofu massaman.



Finished my day work, now doing a bit of evening work to try and keep on top of everything. Nice to be busy though I think. Listening to Boards of Canada and gonna have sea bass with something tonight. Probably sweet pot fries and brocolli.


Basic baked pot situation here I think , to another Midnight Mass ep

Might cocktail, might not

Pie, mash, peas, gravy for dinner.

Gonna watch a bit of telly and do a bit of coughing until bedtime.

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Are you sure?


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Used by the CIA to destabilise foreign regimes.


Evening. Had mushroom risotto for tea. Standard. Going to catch up with yesterday’s Match of the Day later, I think.

I know, that’s my security clearance scuppered

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The idea of you as a CIA Black Operative is brilliant, as is the idea you’d just admit it straight away if someone accused you.

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What do you think? Watched 3 eps this morning and thought it was ok

Oh yeah, could well have lost the top of my finger today if my knife had actually been sharp :crazy_face:

Unremarkable da ly here. Eating up thenlasy of ym roast leftover with a sausage roll

Evening party people. Had a chipotle feta corn on the cob thing for dinner which was tasty. Nothing exciting going on here, the highlight will probably be the washing up

Evening. Long day. Feel a bit giddy with political excitement. Might have a cocktail

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Considering trying a Jack Rose for the first time, feels autumnal

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Finished work. Back in early tomorrow. Suppose yay?