Thursday Evening (with added metal)

Oh hi pals. I’m sat on my own in the pub drinking a wanker beer waiting for the wife to turn up. We’re going to drink, eat a Nando’s or a burg then go to see Mastodon and Mutoid Man.

What are your plans? What beer are you drinking? What second tier heavy metal bands are you listening to?


Working on a RACI chart to help my work plan for when I’m gone. They’ve had 3 months notice and failed to hire the right person/people so just trying to minimise the level of shit people I like are going to have to deal with due to the incompetence of senior management. Rock n roll…

Oh and listening to @Bamnan which is neither second tier nor heavy metal.

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Please log that the DiS community has been informed.

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Cooking vegie balls and pasta.

Off to yoga in a bit.

Also descaling the work kettle, like the hero I am.


which one did you go for?

Ooh at the Roundhouse? I was there too!


oh I like that album too :wink:

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Evening! Mimi would like to know what the fuck you’re all looking at?!?

Just taken some spicy pork out of the slow cooker and used my new pork-pulling claws. Absolute game changer. Tacos and Hell’s Kitchen for the rest of the evening I imagine. No beers cause I’m trying to limit all booze to one night a week at the moment and I think we might go for afternoon beers tomorrow.


woah those eyes :heart_eyes:


Feel like I’m smashing today so far.


They are aren’t they, until she decides to just stare, unblinking, at you dead on for twenty minutes at a time!

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Is that getting angry with people thread worth the effort?

The tv brought home halloumi wraps from the kebab shop. Heading out to the pub to meet an ATD. Such a #lad. Walking there and back to get my 10k steps for the day.

Anyone tuning into Hunted on Ch4 at 9pm tonight? There’s still time to catch up on Ep1 on All4!!!

Felt really serene today cos of the anxiety medication that I took today


alright hank. On for Saturday or not?

Baby is crawling now. Fuck, this is a massive PITA. Got some new trainers that are probably half a size too small, but I can’t be arsed returning them. Another PITA.

Gonna make a risotto and drink a beer I’ve decided

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Certainly one of the absolute worst days I’ve had recently. Work is so clearly a dead end and based on who you know - I was actually more fulfilled being a lifeguard and adding some nominal value to people’s lives!

Got home and threw together a pasta dish that was fucking lovely. Chorizo with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and a chilli, pasta topped off with a fuckload of butter and cheese with an egg in carbonara style. All this with a ‘old crafty hen’ beer thingy while watching kitchen nightmares.

Any thread over 200 unread is a write off. That riddles one looked great but am I dick going through that


If you want to get angry then be my guest my friend.

Yeah I think that’s about my cut off point too. I mean I like you all but nothing can be that interesting.