Thursday Evening

I’m in work until 8, please entertain me.
It’s alright though they’ve got a kitchen here and my one at home is purely for show at the minute.
What are you doing this weekend?
What would you prefer to be doing this weekend?
How are your insides?

howaya Ruffers! my insides are pretty all right. got a few tasty beers and a pizza in the oven. this weekend I’m going to a soul club night with some friends tomorrow, might check out some of the RSD stuff on Sat and chilling for the rest of it. not a whole lot I’d prefer to be doing than that, other than maybe a music festival or something!

New wallet has arrived!!


Agreed, love a good soul night. Even I find it hard to fuck up dancing to music in such rigid 2/4 timing. Most of the time.
I’m actually considering doing some Labour campaigning on Sunday, bleaaurgh.

Where’s the best spring rolls in Hackney then jb

fuck, ya just reminded me I’ve to order my brother’s birthday present - it’s going to be pretty Ghibli themed, I’m thinking a Princess Mononoke artbook and some Spirited Away pens

ha yeah, it is pretty damn danceable! :smiley: and fair play to ya for getting out and doing that!

Hi Ruffers and co

Making a Moonpig card to send to my grandma in Paraguay for her 90th.

Making chick pea curry for dinner after another successful day of putting things off until I can’t bear the building pressure :+1:

hi there ruffers

this weekend - polishing and finishing my assignment. Taking kids for some kind of ‘exhaust them so they don’t bicker all afternoon’ walk on Saturday morning as well I expect.

would prefer to be going somewhere cool and cultural, drinking some beers, eating some fine food and getting my breakfast prepared for me

insides seem fine thanks

I still use the toothbrush you sent me btw

I’ve not eaten today, I’m working in another office and the security guy wouldn’t let me out because I was a visitor

“How can you leave if you’re a visitor?!” is proper monty python stuff

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brilliant! I am exceedingly pleased to hear it :smiley:

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I’ve eaten too much easter egg

How’s the Leeds situation going man? (Sorry if still a sore subject)

still on holiday. eating a sandwich. absolutely dreading coming back to London.

Was walking out the door when my boss casually asks if i can quickly do another 45 minutes work. Sigh.

I could have gone and asked my host to escort me out but my threshold for slight awkwardness is too low to allow it

Should’ve told them it’s the same length no matter how quick you are, that would’ve shown them proper

It’s a bit chillier since you left

(in my heart)

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