Thursday evening



Yeah, I’m going for the evening thread! I’m currently working at home, couldn’t really focus today so I’m going try and do what I was supposed to do today this evening instead. Fun times ahead, I’m currently reading a Physics textbook chapter about light rays! Party time. I’m also listening to AWVFTS soundtrack to Iris which is pretty good.

What are your plans for this fine evening, chums?


Gonna watch Eurovision in bed. I wanted to go to yoga but had to stay late at work and missed the start of the class :frowning:


Watching a film (bachelorette) then Eurovision.


need to figure out a way to not buy a bunch of crap junk food.


I just ate a family-sized bag of crisps. It was literally the size of a family.


Feel rubbish. Gf was supposed to be going out so I was going to eat takeaway in my pants but now she’s asked if I can magic up some food for the both of us from who knows where (well, the fridge, tbh). It’ll probably be chips from the Chinese.

Can’t face that fucking MRA book tonight, or Netrunner practice, so I dunno what to do. Might read something else. Might watch Better Call Saul. Might stare at the ceiling for a bit.


Evening ssf etc.


I want chips.


Just finished reading a whole stack of books to the youngest. My favourite of these was Six Dinner Sid. A stone cold classic.


I want ccb to read to me.


Maybe I need to get a YouTube channel like @bamnan


just doing revision then off to watch the footy




I’m going to eat a pizza (sorry for conforming to DiS stereotypes) and then go watch the football somewhere.

I’m being bad coming on here. I spent most of the first part of the day not going on my phone and felt pretty good as a result.


I’m chilling with my in-laws. Proper GBOL, they are.


Still full from Nando’s lunch. Weird.


Had a disappointing day at work. Watching that oj doco.


I had a disappointing day at work too. :muscle: to you


Right back at you bro.


At The Cribs tonight in Glasgow!!!

Off tomorrow too so I’m gonna go wild and have TWO Coke Zero’s.

Not sure about the apostrophe though.