Thursday evening

I’m out climbing. So so close on my project just now. Whatcha up to this fair evening DiS?

Evening all! Am drinking Pimm’s with Mrs CCB in the garden. Yes, the Pimm’s is missing a lot of key ingredients but it’s still good.

Happy 1 June everyone


Gonna watch fargo with my father. Applied for a job today, and got cracking on an application for an MA. Need to call up current work and ask for some shifts…

Also attempting to finish infinite jest. Can’t bring myself to read more than 15 pages at a time ffs

Just fell off again. Running low on skin and power :disappointed:

YAAAAS!!! You can do it!!! you big ripped mountain man!!! Your skin will grow back! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Evening. Just been to the gym, now making some pasta and pesto for dinner.

My airbnb host has five different cartons or bottles of milk open in the fridge. Five! Three of them are out of date.

ate some pasta. sending a shitty email to my landlord. drinking a beer. gonna try and do a bit of writing. looking for my next job. might try and get some zelda in before bed.

I’m in a Premier Inn. Did some final Netrunner practice. It went poorly. Ate a misery Sainsbo’s salad for dinner. It was rubbish. Had a Twix for dessert. It was top fucking notch.

Might have a bath.

how do you prepare for penoiding?

Played games against another penoid.

The rest of it is just the standard self-flaggelating with birch twigs and listening to Eye of the Tiger on loop.

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Staying in hotels to play card games

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There’s a Sainsbo’s petrol station right across the road from this one. Pretty, pretty swish.

Allo everyone! Watching creme de la creme and trying to motivate myself for the least inspiring supermarket shopping ever -

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time yourself how quickly you can get in and out of the supermarket

Evening DiS, watched Fargo (cracking stuff), had whitebait for dinner, now listening to various songs from the Fargo soundtrack. Might have a beer.

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I will! How quick do you think I could be?

1m 17s

Fucking hell Witches, if you’re having that much bother just buy some fucking baby wipes.


Hahaha, you’re a lovely man.

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Christ, no need to be sarcastic.

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