Thursday evening

I am apartment hunting, might watch an episode of The Night Of later. Who am I kidding, I’ll probably watch two because it’s REALLY GOOD.

What are you up to, friends?

Good evening

Just had Christmas dinner… got leftovers for tomorrow :slight_smile:
Gonna watch le tour highlights, then the rugby league :thumbsup:

Probably have a tidy round cos I’m probably out all weekend :confused:

Eating linda mac pulled pork burgers. Gonna watch a bit of the cricket highlights before heading out to play football.

working late
pizza ordered
tomorrow’s my last day in this job: confirmed
can hardly wait


Weird, was thinking about one of my exes 10 mins ago and just got a message from her. Maybe we’ll get back together.

going for a pint


It sounds like you haven’t enjoyed this job - as someone who has minus integrity, couldn’t you have just packed it in months ago? Said the job took too long and you need to move onto another or some shit?

ordered pizza at pretty muuch bang on 19:00, was just delivered at 19:18 :open_mouth:

that’s gotta be some kind of a record

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just got a text to say my pizza is on the way

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Got a summons to a hearing in The Hague today that means I’m going to have to miss Netrunner nationals. Fuck sake.

Think I’m going to start working through the Quietus albums of 2017 while playing some mindless, mindless Diablo 3.

The Real Life of a War Criminal.


I saw that!! You’re next.

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Feeling a bit dead after a mega day at work so I got a Thai curry and a can of g&t and will probs fall to sleep before love island

Finished a late shift at the shit laboratory where I work. Heading to The Shacklewell Arms for a random gig that might be interesting. It’s free entry so it’s no bother. It will be bloody hot at The Shacklewell though. Then a pizza at Voodoo Ray’s. I’ll opt for the Hot Mix Five as usual and a can of Estella.

Have a great evening one and all.

The irritatingly noisy next door neighbours have added a new tool to their irritating arsenal: watching the telly so loudly that I can clearly hear it in my own living room.

I’m retaliating by playing the new Boris album at a volume that, if I’m being honest, is louder than is comfortable for me to listen to.

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Just having a curry and watching Baskets. Baskets is so great.

A bit drunk at the tram stop and I can hear Arcade Fire playing Rebellion (lies) :’)

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had some prawns in a teryaki and now i’m worried i’ve undercooked them and got food poisoning cos i never cook meat and dunno how long to do it for.

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