Thursday evening

Let’s do this properly. What’s happening, DiS?

Gonna eat some curry and drink a beer ir two, and do some prep for an interview i have tomorrow for a job i dont want. Fffff.


Had a Thai beef curry in the slow cooker all day. Hoping it is decent. Gonna get proper rice from the Chinese to accompany it because hoose rice is never as good. Might get some prawn crackers too.

:gem: :spades: :skull:

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Need to go get some tea from the shop.

What should I get??

Going to eat a sandwich and go to a Mingus night thing, get drunk and sway wildly* to jazz
*whilst remaining sat down

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Early signs of hypothermia! :smiley:

I’ve got a table at an awards shindig tonight, need to present an award which means watching my booze intake till after that’s done.
good bunch of folk at our table.

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Dunno m8 it’s your life!!!

While i was typing this thread i missed my bus stop and went on a 10 min detour coz of it.




Finished early, just been to the gym. Gonna have some crackers with cheese at home

Yo yo yo, I was waiting till the clock struck 18:00 to make sure this thread got started. I got distracted with other things though. Good work eric, as always you are a thread starter, a twisted thread starter…:neutral_face: :expressionless:

I’ve eaten a billion chocolate bars today because I am a greedy bitch so I’m thinking I might skip dinner. Very healthy, I know this.

Plans for this evening, stuff followed by more stuff that isn’t interesting enough to go into more detail. STUFF. Also, I’ve been feeling a bit uurrghh the last few days… like just bored and restless, I need to look into exciting things to do in the future.

Side note: This has already been mentioned a zillion times but you’re all such an attractive bunch :raised_hands: I’ve been enjoying perving on everyone in the picture thread the last while.

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I was supposed to go to my gyms 1st birthday party tonight (mainly cause I have been going for a year and find myself being too shy to chat to the regular people I see there!) but I’m still v sick so I just have to stay in even though I’ve stayed in all day. Boring.

Gonna have a sweet potato jacket with baked beans



Made pasta sauce yesterday and accidentally put chili powder instead of paprika in it so it’s come out a bit like curry. Tastes ok.

Got some takeaway sushi for dinner. The TV’s off to yoga tonight so I’ll probably play Zelda until he gets home.

Invoice day tomorrow! I was working away a lot in May and June so I’m due to be paid the princely sum of £175.

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I recently experienced ridicule at the hands of my housemate over putting paprika in pasta sauce. mmmm validation.

Fuck off! I heard the Strokes before you


Paprika is amazing in (nearly) everything