Thursday evening

Some builders are smoking a fatty outside my window at work. Might join em.

Anything to add?

Got a treat for you in a moment @profk.

Pint of beamish!!!:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Following on from Psycho yesterday, gonna watch Repulsion tonight and drink some whisky.




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Just one the way home from an exhibition opening so I figured I’d pop in for a pint, as above^^^. Bit to do later so I’ll stick to the one or two.

Evening all!

Quite a nice day at work - I definitely like my vocational classes better than my English classes.

Football at eight - the standard tonight means it’ll be a hard game.

Builders are still here, really need a shit. Wish they’d fuck off

Hey guys I’m nowhere near any builders (to my knowledge)!!!
Doing nothing tonight, probably, although my flatmate’s dj’ing at the Waiting Room which is tempting. Already promised to go out a lot this weekend so kinda need to rest. Ngh.

Today I steamcleaned the carpet (banned act).

Got a haircut too.

Tonight I’m going to be watching several episodes of Corrie.

I’m sooooo punk.

working on some music, gonna eat some green curry, might watch a film. bout it tbh.

i’m emotionally exhausted

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Maybe just hit the best player in the opposing team with a meaty two footed challenge in the first minute, let him know who the boss is, Souness style

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Absolutely swamped at work and I’m getting a shitload of feedback on some code I submitted entirely related to formatting. Indent this, put this on one line, put that on separate lines, use “–” instead of “#” for comments. Call Fuck_Off_Mate(‘you’)


In Manchester for work this evening. Long drive home to Brighton early tomorrow morn… then :pizza:, obviously.

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Indent this! grabs crotch

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I’m a bit classier than that because I’m English.*

I’ll probably pass it sideways for most of the game and then get injured.

*I’m really not. The good players (they’re all Spanish @profk) tonight dance gracefully around my potentially career-ending challenges.


Had a fun day. Taught PE…hilarious stuff, blew my whistle a LOT.

Also got the kids to listen by doing the macarena as I spoke, worked but was a bit unorthodox I expect…


We had two new Spanish guys at training yesterday. They mostly ran rings round everyone but true to stereotypes they didn’t like it up em