Thursday Evening



not done one in ages. i’m on the late shift in the bookshop and i am listening to Sigrid, whose works i quite enjoy.

out boring THAT my friends. loathing driving home this evening coz weather will be shite

other thoughts: anyone recommend any good books on japanese history?

PS: Any weekend plans? I’m in the hometown, then back to work sat, but sunday will be a blissful gardening day


I am just about to leave to walk to the gym for a class. Been off today cause I’m run down but feel like I need to move/sweat it out/get rid of the sads I’m feeling.

I already made dinner (chana masala) so I just have to heat that when I get back


i hope the gym gets rid of the sads. i hate feeling like i’m full of ill feeling. i had plans to do stuff this eve and a class tomorrow but i gotta go home instead and its the pits


SIX edits? Impressive work xylo!

I just finished a review, am listening to an album for another one and then I’ve to go to soundcheck as I’m playing with two bands tonight. Worried about one set, excited about the other.


yeah my head is a bit perturbed by multiple things at the moment and has thrown me off balance

also realised my minimal setup to the thread was even more boring than intended


Was gonna go to the gym but have sacked that for a couple of beers in the disappearing sun.
Off to Amsterdam tomorrow for a couple of days :grinning::grinning:


man that’s awesome. i hope you absolutely dutch it hard


a review of what?

i just heard Now, Now’s new single and i’m so fucking bummed. they’ve gone full Carly Rae when they used to be a sick three-piece band


Walking to the evening portion of day 1 of this 3 day conference/festival ting

Gonna see the musical delights of Naomi Pilgrim & Amanda Bergman :+1:t3:

The venue is right near my studio too so I might go and freestyle an for an hour between acts or maybe after


I’m gonna dutch it like fuck :grinning:




that’s very rad.i am a bit jealous of how cool that entire post sounds.


Also, my LP ‘drops’ in all the digital stores at midnight & I have a sneaky suspicion that Glass Animals are gonna win the Mercury thing tonight so I might piggy back some hashtags with this


Cheers, it’s been the raddest of days to be honest. Full radness



Good evening


Hi Rob! Nice to hear from you :slight_smile: x


:expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:


Hiya xylo!! Hello everyone!!

I’m in the process of making a Bakewell tart. I learnt my lesson this time and bought some fancy custard to accompany it.

When I was at the shop I saw this dog -

Probably one of the cooler dogs I’ve seen of late (sorry Kenco).

Mother! Is at the cinema… I’m very tempted to run out and see it on my own tonight as no one else seems keen. Fools, I am SO excited.


Hope you’re okay man, know you’re going through a lot! Last thing you need is a goon like me giving you hassle, sorry!


NO no offence taken. i’m alright. just sort of keeping an eye on others who are less so at the mo which is its own form of tiredness. but i’m as bouncy as ever