Thursday evening

Gunna have a go at making a dhansak and an aloo gobi. Wbu?

Still in the office in’iii.

gonna see whats on offer at the M&S at the station like the fucking wanker I am. might drink a beer.

having some escalopes (@profk) and some boring veg probably. got paid today so was ready to go out and eat some hipster tacos or something but the tv aint feeling too good.

probably watch some bullshit on tv and go to bed as early as possible.

aw man fucking love escalopes.


Make sure you post a pic of it here (only if it’s good though…)

I’m at my folks so had roast beef followed by sticky toffee pudding.

Dunno. Waiting for plasticmichael to arrive home. We’re both feeling a bit ill so dinner will be extremely low effort. Currently annoyed I don’t have something frozen I can just whack in the freezer. Oh hang on there’s some fish cakes in here. Might do.

Evening will be spent trying to find presents to give babies at the weekend (urgh), and sorting out a route for ride leading on Sunday.

Had macaroni cheese for dinner. Gonna do some more painting tonight, including painting the loft hatch! Exciting times for CCB.

just said “hey, fuck you man”, to my colleague in jest, but I don’t think she took it that well.


Spaghetti with quorn Bolognese. Not very exciting but I got these beauties for afters…

No work to do so going to try and catch up on celebrity MC and bakeoff then got last episode of Preacher. TV fun!


something about when you call him plasticmichael that makes it sound like he’s in the doghouse :smile: like people calling you by your full name when you’ve done something wrong


Going round to my bros for a wee b’day shindig for my dad.
Then might go see LA Witch later

I can recommend presents for babies! What age and what sort of thing do you want to get?


Oh you STAR!

One is nearly one (ten months?)

The other is basically newborn (three months?)

We’ve met the older one before. Oh and I’ve no idea what we want to get. We bought the older one a board book and some noisy toy bear thing when we first met him. Whenever I look at baby toys and stuff I just think “god parents must have so many shit toys they never play with lying around” :confused:

going to go for a gentle run in the drizzle in a bit to warm up for TOUGH MUDDER on saturday

making some kind of rainbow salad thing from a bear grylls cookbook for dinner after

am i a bit of a nob?

after that its my first evening in alone at home for quite a while, probably play some PS4 and read

what are his hobbies

GF (chef) was at home today and has been experimenting. Tonight:

Baked baja tuna tacos
Prawn and mango summer rolls
Turkish eggs on sourdough


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good luck. weather’s meant to be nice up here on saturday, dunno if that’s good or bad for that sort of thing

@laelfy forgot to ask how you got on with your not tough mudder thing?

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Bear grylls has a cook book? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: