Thursday evening





Yup. Was out until midnight (on a bloody school night!) and up at 6. Anything less than 8 hours sleep seems to destroy me.


Very much this. Cannot be arsed to do anything. Watching NFL and Masterchef. No idea what to have for dinner.


On the train still (regular train was cancelled) so there are twice as many people on this one and I don’t have a seat. Gonna claim my sweet £6.45 compensation.

I’ve had a cold all day: was feeling alright first thing but have flagged a bit.

I’ve got a shedload of food prep to do for the weekend cooking marathon so I’m going to dose myself up with paracetamol and be like the Rocky training mintage but with chopping boards.


So tired, gonna nap then catch up with the apprentice and blue planet.

Might go buy some chocolate or biscuits.


Working very late tonight so the TV’s ordered Thai :+1:


Seeing Essaie Pas play Pickle Factory later? Anyone been to that venue?


Double masterchef then bed methinks. Completely knackered from doing nothing all day.


Liking your new title there eric :+1:


Hi everyone!

Feeling sad about my life today but nevermind that’s ok really


Every time I see it I read it in gandalf’s dramatic voice


Good Evening :slight_smile:

I am…job hunting! Not done this shit since 2013. Think there’s a CV buried in the depths of my laptop somewhere.

@Bamnan Sorry to hear that man, hope things pick up. You bring a lot of joy to the forums :slight_smile:


Also why does Eric have the monopoly on the cool, non-lame characters


eaten too much food :pig:



Super bored. Such a non-day


Cooking tea, should be going to yoga but think I will sit and eat stollen bites watching tripe TV instead


Felt really bad because there was a man very loudly singing THE OVERGROUND IS GOOD FOR YOU IT IS A GREAT TRAIN and was trying to be polite/pretend not to notice but he started banging his satchel really loudly and singing numbers and I just lost it, which resulted in the rest of the carriage also bawling with laughter. I just didn’t have the strength.


watching punisher on the netflixes. s’quite good akshually.


pitta bread for tea again


quiet, gamgee!