Thursday evening


My teeth did something weird last Friday and now my gums are getting increasingly inflamed. I’ve got an appointment on Monday but not sure if I should book an emergency appointment. Thoughts?


Call em up and let them know your symptoms


hope your gums get better soon!


what did your teeth do?



yeah you probably should.

what’s for dinner? i just had a dr. oetker :smiley:


Tonights masterchef is on at 8pm.




Definitely worth calling. My sister is an emergency dental nurse and works at s place thats open to midnight and weekends. You might have something similar in your area.


Boiler man is still here and i want him to bugger off before I start dinner. And I need to go out and get bits for dinner. Social awkwardness. Heating’s working though :+1:


Baked gnocchi with hot dogs, passata and cheese.


They were squeezed together tightly, then I ate some bread and one of them went a bit crooked to alleviate the pressure.


Annoying cos it’s made eating a chore, and eating should never be a chore


have a beer, might take the edge off


evening. might watch that Three Colours film finally (though I probably won’t)

I think I’m going to have some sausages for dinner


Off to a soirée tonight, premiering my new velvet jacket, it’s snug :grimacing::grinning:




‘Gums’ in Swedish is ‘tandkött’ which translates as ‘teethmeat’.


Just watching the kittens run around and play fight each other. Meeting the gang for pints soon and then going to a gig.


Checks out.



my teeth don’t do anything.

sorry shouldn’t brag.