Thursday evening

It’s 7 o’clock here so it’s time!

Drinking a beer and cooking some dinner (salmon and soy-roast potatoes), need to do a bit of work but not feeling too bad about that.

What are you up to this evening? What are you having for dinner? What song has summed up your day so far?

Boston a table at an awards shindig tonight, need to present a couple of awards, hate doing that.
Think I’ll premiere my white shoes though :thinking:

At work, trying to describe to people the utter carnage & insanity of the situation Erdogan has created in Turkey

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Btw ssf…you got any plans for Saturday?
Fancy a big sunny afternoon rave in Vitabergsparken?

Finished work 1, now need to move for work 2
#ill #tired #thisisnolife #62hourweek #touchmybumthisislife

Slept in until 10am. Went to the big M&S down the road to make use of the sale in baby clothes. Did the food shopping and had Bombay mix and doughnuts for late lunch.

Gonna have a beer or 2 and some sort of salad for tea. Meant to be raining here tomorrow. Cannot wait.



Got a few things on Saturday but what’s the deal, that sounds fun.

Beer brother!

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Evening all! Just helped an ATD off the bus as he’s destroyed his back, then found out we’re going to the Flaming Lips for free AND that two of my other ATDs have gotten engaged after ten years of going out! I’m so happy right now! Having a can of shitty cider to celebrate in our dingy practice space.


What you doing there xylo?

Working laaaate tonight to try to give me a chance at a panic free last day tomorrow. Colleague handed me a big bar of Lindt on the way out to see me through which was nice. Ordering deliveroo with someone else in a moment.

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YES MATE. Good news all round, especially the shitty cider :+1:

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hi everyone here’s a Bamnan cover for you :kissing_heart:




fucking brilliant mate

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Cheers bud :grinning::+1:

SHITTY. CIDER. Nothing better.

Ah, this is amazing. Such a wave of joy when I was told the news. Don’t give a fuck how tonight’s gig goes now.

Cooking Korean food for tea. Got wine for later. I probably shouldn’t be drinking wine after a night in the pub last night, but hey, I can have a dry week next week.

Evening everyone!

Really fancy sushi tonight but I think there might be left over chilli that needs to be consumed. Bah bumhug (typo, thought I’d leave it).

Hope you all have good evenings!!