Thursday evening


Still waiting on them boss. Hopefully will have them on Monday or Tuesday.


isn’t it just. quite simple, too.



invited my pal around for the semi final yesterday, bought some wanker ales that I’ll never touch and everything, he rang me about half five to say he couldn’t make it. no excuse but thought ‘fine, he’s got more responsibilities than I do’.

find out today he went to the pub with our other mutual friend & didn’t invite me.

was touch and go whether or not to lay into him over text just now.

so fucked off, can’t sleep for it.


Good night :grimacing:


Ooof. That’s really shit.

Can only assume he thought he was invited as part of a huge group and hence assumed you’d not be able to come. Otherwise, cripes!


are you due to get them removed? :frowning:


My dentist has referred me to have them looked at with the recommendation that it is probably best to have them removed, I am just waiting on that to come through. I have two extra at the bottom which she said will be best to remove and then nonchalantly added that they might as well get rid of the rest while they are doing it :grimacing: I feel a bit sick whenever I think about the removal and recovery, going to have to get over that feeling.


I wouldn’t lay into him about this but it would be entirely reasonable to calmly ask him about it


Maybe chat to @marckee as I believe he had his wisdome teeth out not long ago and he might have comforting words?


definitely sounds like the most reasonable option but dunno if I’d be able to do it. just gonna ghost him until I forget why I was mad.

I’m very childish.



I’ll be honest, a lot of it just depends on your personal situation (i.e.where the teeth are, how easy it is to access them etc etc). This might get a bit squeamish, but it is meant to reassure.

I had it done under local anaesthetic (which makes the post-op recovery easier), but they couldn’t just pull my teeth out and had to drill them to pieces and then hoover out the bits. This is kind of a worst case scenario, but it was fine. I don’t really have a fear of the dentist’s drill probably because I’ve never had fillings before, but there was no pain other than the scratch of the anaesthetic injections. It took a while (about an hour to do both teeth), and the drill was fairly noisy, but the surgeons were lovely and chatty and keep you relaxed, and you can listen to music if you want, and they’ll cover your eyes if that’ll help. Older people in particular had given me horror stories, but I think that’s kind of outdated now. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The recovery can be a bit hit and miss. If you follow their instructions (you’ll get an information sheet telling you everything you should and shouldn’t do) it’ll minimise the risk of things like dry socket and stuff, but the amount of swelling and post-op pain can vary from person to person.

After the operation, the surgeon said that I’d get a fair bit of swelling because they’d had to drill the teeth out, but in the end, I barely had any (I could just about see it looking in the mirror, but no one else noticed anything), and the pain never needed more than a couple of paracetamol to go away. I think I was very lucky/my body recovers quickly. Even in the trickier cases, the pain and swelling starts to go down after about 3 days, and after a week it should have gone completely though.

Given the pain and discomfort (and sleepless nights) that my wisdom teeth were giving me, I’m already so glad that I had them out, barely two weeks after I had it done. My mouth feels like it has so much more space in there, and my head feels a lot clearer - like I’ve just shaken off a huge cold overnight.

If your dentist recommends that you have it done - go for it!


Thank you marckee, this was really informative and reassuring. I appreciate you taking the time to write that all out.


I would go with this, except with Marius as second last. I like the flow into famous baker Street detective


Hey PocketMouse,

I was thinking about this earlier, and you probably have considered it, but remember that people seem to really like shortening names so if you don’t like Matt or Ed or whatever, it might be best not to choose that long name as your first name.

I hope you find a combination you feel really happy with :slight_smile: