Thursday Evening




Took an hour to drive home today. It was thirty five minutes last week.

Fuck off everyone who isn’t me.


nice evening for a drive though!


Walking the baby to Waitrose for some evening supplies. Listening to Tomberlin. Having butternut squash curry for tea. Had some lovely cuddles wiv ma bamnino


aww look how happy they are!!!


She’s very smiley today


On holiday.
Went to Ikea.
Bought nearly nothing and was spoiled by some ebay case where it turned out item was just with this bloke’s neighbour. Ffs


warms even my cynical heart


today we went to a national park where we did not see flamingos, had a baffling and lengthy conversation with a spanish man who spoke virtually no english, and then our hire car broke down just as we got back into sevilla.

on the plus side i had a spanish mcdonalds and it was great.


had some of these yesterday

they were excellent,

going to get some more tonight.


Just had some crumble. Who doesn’t fucking love crumble?

  • No-one
  • Idiots like me

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FYI everyone vegan crumble (coconut oil instead of butter) with coconut yoghurt is really nice so you lot do not have any excuses


In bed, absolutely fucked. Every orifice spewing something. Organs hurting.

Farewell, internet world.


can you do other crumbles than rhubarb?


Apple and blackberry




wonder if apple would be too mushy. Able and blackberry sounds lush though


Not in traffic it isn’t.






It’s the quintessential crumble bam