Thursday Evening

I still can’t believe I managed to get 3 law professors to laugh by saying i like chairs. i’m giddy.


yes! some good cats, madchen amick!

there was a fair few ridiculous cameos. joe dante, john landis, tobe hooper*, stephen king, clive barker*, mark hamill, ron perlman

*i didn’t even notice these while watching it

Oh yeah! I noticed Mark Hamill! I saw that Ron Perlman’s name was in the opening credits too. No idea about the others tho! I feel like I should really know what Tobe Hooper and Clive Barker look like :grimacing:

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i think joe dante and jon landis were crime scene investigators maybe?

literally no idea what clive barker or tobe hooper look like though. white guys?

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Hello yesterday bamnan. You may fill a crumble with any mixture of apple, rhubarb, summer berries, pear, peach, apricot, gooseberry. Probably others. Tbh I couldn’t give a fuck about the fruit I just want all the crumble.


I don’t love rhubarb or apricot but you are right that the crumble is the important bit.

I just had these for the first time a few days ago. Bloody lovely, tbh.

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Went on a boat ride to a more remote island this morning, took some pictures and had a potter about, then got cooked eggy bread for breakfast.

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Err what thread is this lol


I can’t believe you’ve done this.

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how long left now?

A week til i’m back in panama city, then back home on march 1st

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I only bumped it because I had the courtesy to search for a previous mention of those damn fine crisps.

Well now look what you’ve done

when are we

Bit knackered from spending 7 straight hours doing library research, after having been woken up at 5:30 by my nephew, but it was very useful and interesting. Having dinner now and then doing some boring home stuff.

I also just want everyone to know that you can now tag @bikewankers and it reached them all collectively — and it was specifically requested that EVERYONE, not just mods or members of the group, be able to @ it in threads. Now you know.

What day is it?

Today is my wednesday

Gutted lol!!!

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