Thursday evening

Look who I found hanging out.

Jesus fucking Christ.

What’s up?


Moving from a Samsung S8 to a Nokia. Ugh.

Going to a wee thing to celebrate a woman who ran a bookshop for 35 years. The shop is closing down and it’s sad as it hosted BYOB open mic nights cheaply for an age. Should be good

Ate a hot dog as well


Headed to an Xmas dinner with other folk who help out at the football club. Really cba. Cba. CBA. One or two I can’t really face spending too much time with.

Meh, if it gets too awkward I’ll just sack it off.

Or royally trollied.

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15 hours till smash


Bloody hell Eps, it’s Christmas not Easter. And he was on a cross not … Whatever he’s hanging from


Text messages I get from my 14 year old nephew nowadays.

I think I should get him just to sign up to DiS. The shit I listened to at 14.


is that ios? how do you get those icons at the bottom?

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I’m cooking chorizo and butter bean stew for me and my son, having a couple of beers and listening to armed forces (just performed a faultless vocal rendition of Oliver’s army although I missed out that line)

I havet work Xmas lunch from 12 tomorrow. All I will do before that is check email, then go buy smash and play a bit of smash. So it’s basically Friday now

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At that stage with this cold where I can’t remember what it felt like to not feel ill. Woe is me.

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It came in the last upgrade I did by default - don’t know what version you’re on but I’m not on the latest one yet

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Masterchef, interview prep, meh reckon I said exactly the same thing last night.

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No idea,

ahh, i see. never use imessage…

Onto my second week without any heating because the stove has been really difficult to get going. I can see my breath in every room of the house.

On the plus side I made sausage casserole for tea and it tastes so good. Also I’m rewatching Downton Abbey don’t judge me. Ultimate comfort food/TV combo.

Slept with a quilt and 5 (FIVE) blankets last night. Might buy a hot water bottle tomorrow.

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Was supposed to go to a gig but couldn’t stand the thought without internet (cheers O2), will probably spend the evening arguing with a friend over the internet

Would quite like to start rewatching Downtown on Sundays as I never watched the first few series.

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Drug Church are incredible!!

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