Thursday evening


Look who I found hanging out.

Jesus fucking Christ.

What’s up?


Moving from a Samsung S8 to a Nokia. Ugh.


Going to a wee thing to celebrate a woman who ran a bookshop for 35 years. The shop is closing down and it’s sad as it hosted BYOB open mic nights cheaply for an age. Should be good

Ate a hot dog as well


Headed to an Xmas dinner with other folk who help out at the football club. Really cba. Cba. CBA. One or two I can’t really face spending too much time with.

Meh, if it gets too awkward I’ll just sack it off.

Or royally trollied.


15 hours till smash


Bloody hell Eps, it’s Christmas not Easter. And he was on a cross not … Whatever he’s hanging from


Text messages I get from my 14 year old nephew nowadays.

I think I should get him just to sign up to DiS. The shit I listened to at 14.


is that ios? how do you get those icons at the bottom?



I’m cooking chorizo and butter bean stew for me and my son, having a couple of beers and listening to armed forces (just performed a faultless vocal rendition of Oliver’s army although I missed out that line)

I havet work Xmas lunch from 12 tomorrow. All I will do before that is check email, then go buy smash and play a bit of smash. So it’s basically Friday now


At that stage with this cold where I can’t remember what it felt like to not feel ill. Woe is me.




It came in the last upgrade I did by default - don’t know what version you’re on but I’m not on the latest one yet


Masterchef, interview prep, meh reckon I said exactly the same thing last night.



Turns out this mornings optimism was fleeting before being crushed.

Openreach have Openreached my Broadband order, and instead of being online today as I was supposed to be, their engineer is going to be able to give EE more info on Monday regarding the (EE) line, which, despite having been serving the flat until my brother moved out a fortnight ago, has now disappeared from their system. I don’t blame EE for this. Openreach are just consistently incompetent in pretty much every area of their business, from basic line provision up to strategic infrastructure. They just abuse their near monopoly position to rake in money for providing shit service, and to keep competitors who could do a better job out.

The Ikea have unilaterally decided that, because one bit of a multipart order won’t be available, they’re going to change my delivery date from Saturday, when I’d cancelled plans to be in, to Monday. So I’ll either have to wait another week for my Bed and Sofa or take a day off. To make this worse, their telephone customer service line has been unable to take phone calls all day due to a systems failure, and now it’s back up there’s a 45 minute wait. If they’d given me the choice, and the part that was missing would fit in a car, I’d have gotten them to deliver the rest as planned and just picked the other part up from a store. At least then I’d have had the bed or sofa, and been in control.

It’s times like this when the fact I can’t really slag off companies on twitter because of my job really narks me.


No idea,


ahh, i see. never use imessage…


Onto my second week without any heating because the stove has been really difficult to get going. I can see my breath in every room of the house.

On the plus side I made sausage casserole for tea and it tastes so good. Also I’m rewatching Downton Abbey don’t judge me. Ultimate comfort food/TV combo.


Slept with a quilt and 5 (FIVE) blankets last night. Might buy a hot water bottle tomorrow.


Was supposed to go to a gig but couldn’t stand the thought without internet (cheers O2), will probably spend the evening arguing with a friend over the internet


Would quite like to start rewatching Downtown on Sundays as I never watched the first few series.