Thursday evening


Just select some Devonian booze and pack it in a box ready for posting, so not much really!


Hmmmm a wee mulled wine perhaps :thinking:


Had the office Christmas party this evening and managed not to be drunk or embarrassing too much - so that’s a win



I go out for the evening, come home, and check twitter to see what he’s been up to.
At least it wasn’t the head-camera this time. :sob::rofl:


had to pay a chunk of my bf’s rent this month so I’m ending up with nothing left for Christmas presents

I really really need to start saying no sometimes when people ask if I want to go out for a meal or for drinks etc

should be in the mental health thread really, it’s just me complaining about how stressful it is to be skint



are there any christmas presents you could maybe make yourself? i think i am going to bake things for the tv’s family due to being short on cash.

also i am so with you on the meal/drinks thing. i keep going out for drinks and coffee and whatever because i want to make friends, but in my mind i am like… arghhhhh i shouldn’t be doing this… just want to get to the point where i can invite friends over to watch netflix and eat crisps.


got to spend a fucking tenner on work secret Santa

I genuinely really hope someone gets me two bottles of wine


not really… I’m already not getting anything for any friends or partners or siblings

I dont think I could not get stuff for my parents and my bf’s niece and nephew though. thankfully I get paid a week tomorrow so should be able to get them all at least a book or something.


Just got home from work. Witnessed an actual real life car chase on my way home!! Pretty thrilling.


Why the move to the Nokia in particular? What put you off joining me, @Balonz, @Antpocalypsenow and whoever else in the OnePlus club?


A few weeks back my daughter asked me how Jesus died. A bit tough to explain crucifixion but she seemed mostly fine with it. Did worry that he’d have got really badly sunburnt but I explained he was black so it wouldn’t have been as bad. Hmm…


Briefly thought you were prepping to be interviewed to go on MasterChef!


Shit, man. :frowning: x


Yeah I was going to say that it definitely seemed wetter when I was there 94-98. At the time I recall one of the lecturers saying something about how actual rainfall in Manchester wasn’t very high in terms of volume but you got more mizzly days and the like. Mainly I recall thinking all the red buildings looked really nice against a blue sky but against the grey it always felt a bit ‘angry’ (where I’m from London most buildings are yellow bricks turned grey/black with soot).


FWIW I only discovered the tables thing when I pasted in a table from the web or XL or something and it reformated for me in this edit window.


Sometimes I feel like people off here have my back more than my irl friends.



Aw mate. Sorry to hear shit is getting shitty :frowning:


Ahhhhh it’s ok.

I’m kinda drunk. But the person who is supposed to be my best friend never contacts me anymore now she is engaged, I’m always the one messaging her. And I know I won’t be one of her bridesmaids. And I DO have genuine “real” friends, they just live far from me.


I think you should be able to send voice messages on DiS a la whatsapp. Can you imagine what hilarity would ensue?

(Just sent two drunken rambling whatsapp voice messages to my pal in China)


Your old china in China, eh?