Thursday evening


Drug Church are incredible!!


Evening all. First evening in aaaaaages that I’ve got home and I don’t feel like a massive tangled ball of stress :+1:

Might have some wine in a bit :wine_glass:


Charles and Eddie, mainly


Tw: Sad

its the anniversary of my niece’s death, have managed to keep busy most of the day so I’ve not thought about it too much but now I’ve got home and sitting around doing nothing feel proper crap. Need something to occupy that space


:slightly_frowning_face: onesie, chocolate and a wanky beer?



Walking home from the train station after work in the dark with my hood up I felt really attuned to the sound of the rain, the breeze and cars driving through puddles, things I don’t notice when I’m deafened by stress and anxiety


Sorry for your loss and big hug and love to you and your family :hugs:

I’m sure you don’t need me to say this and I hope it doesn’t seem patronising but it’s ok to be sad and feel those emotions sometimes.

Look after yourself x


Oh man I’m so sorry. Don’t feel like you have to fill that space if you don’t want to, that’s probably terrible advice but sometimes it helps to stop and be in that space. Big love my man.


(Sorry I forgot to blur this and don’t know how to do it after the fact :grimacing: )


i feel really :poop:





Going to start planning THE RAFFLE MAPS tonight.

In all seriousness the demand for my maps was high. Going to have to figure out what to do with information ie how to take over the world.


thanks bam


Were you behind the O2 outage then? Trying to make people switch to paper maps? :open_mouth:


It’s been a long and difficult day, can’t wait to get home and whack on a bit of Red Dead Redem…



I don’t believe you…


Sounds perfect. I had The Sophtware Slump on the way home, and the last bit of the journey coincided with So You’ll Aim Towards The Sky.


O2 thing is a social experiment imo


i’m ill enough that i’ve actually missed being at work and logged into my emails earlier to see if a colleague had replied to a chat i sent him, and had to stop myself trying to do work even though i’d already called in sick. i think that’s a good measure of whether you’re ill - when you’d actually rather be at work.


It’s 6 MB mate, think you’ll live.

I just downloaded a 1.4 GB update to a game I despise, never play and will very likely never play again because it meant I’d get free cards. That, again, I’ll never use.