Thursday evening


We’ve just finished our annual rewatch. Perfectly fine comfort telly. And the butler has incredible eyebrows.


Tomlinson?! wtf autocorrect


Should be J_I’s new nickname


Look at that % though, 6mb left yeah but 16% in? Do me a favour. And DON’T call me Tomlinson!


CBA with anything tonight m7s. No tea sorted either.


Tomlinson has done me


@Jeremys_Iron is such a Tomlinson


ouch. if it’s any consolation I don’t find whinging about companies on twitter helps much any more, I tend to just get really patronising responses three days later, so you’re not missing out.


Was he wearing that vest at the time



I have stuff to do this evening but I really cba, currently watching snooker and might just play Zelda all evening.

had a pizza for dinner, was alright, would pizza again.

working from wfh tomorrow so I can have a lie in tomorrow morning, so that’s something to look forward to :+1:


Was good to see Eric posting on here earlier.


I’m going to see his actual face this weekend. Imagine.


Wait. He’s real??


Another good day here in the Funkhouser residence. Kitchen lights and the storage heaters are now fixed, bought a whole heap of Christmas treats earlier, made a very tasty garlic and chilli roast chicken, and my wife is clearly so much improved MH wise. She’s watching some crime thing so I’m catching up on old Taskmaster and eating some seriously good M&S mini taco things. A :heavy_check_mark: day.


Going to be loads of hungover people in work tomorrow and loads just not in as they’ve been out for some curry thing thing do every Xmas. Wasn’t free though so not for me, pal.

Hoping I can wfh as really cba with the bus in this perma-rain we’re having.

Might have double tea tonight (already had leftover Bolognese but there’s some prawn green Thai curry that really need using up).


ngl i really wanted one of those maps




Would I…


To you???


^William Shatner version