Thursday evening


sometimes go on and just look at where planes are near me to relax.

is it however, creepy, if you’re tracking a flight you know someone’s on? do this sometimes when I’m gonna meet up with someone after their flight or have a friend visiting or whatever.

  • really creepy, stop it
  • fine

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Dont fancy beer might make a sports direct pint of hot chocolate and get in to bed.

Cheers @Bamnan and @Jeremys_Iron


I was on a flight a month or so ago and my dad texted me afterwards to ask if I’d been aware that my plane had done a complete u-turn and flown back toward Hong Kong for 20 minutes before returning to its course. That was pretty creepy.




Helsinki - San Francisco only takes 10 hours?!

is this something to do with the world not being flat?


did you know what was happening at the time?


Nope, no idea


Had one of the worst customer experiences of my life with openreach. Good luck…


One Xmas me and my housemate sat opposite each other both staring at this for a good few hours. I tho k we turned it into a game somehow…reading out flight numbers then trying to point it out on the map.


I live below a corridor for loads of planes travelling to the UK from west africa apparently.



always forget planes can go up as well as across


Trying to see if I can style out ‘Tommo’.


would be too much of a wimp to fly over the north or south poles if i was a pilot and would insist on taking the longer route.


because of polar bears?


yeah, and the snow.


the snow is usually on the ground afaik

think the planes generally avoid it


Magnets pull planes down


Isn’t this just Manchester weather? Glasgow weather is mostly cold precipitation too.


there’s my evening reading sorted then, I guess.

polar and antarctic routes in commercial aviation.


Had two burritos for tea, catching up on chefbores. Cheers, mates.