Thursday evening


No pal. It doesn’t even bloody rain here much but is often grey. Really grinds my gears that we get a reputation as a rainy city and people living here start blogs called rainy city such and such.













(Sorry…its one of the things that really annoys me)


stuck the washing machine on with barely a half load in because there’s one shirt I’m needing washed for saturday night

forgot to put that shirt in didn’t i :upside_down_face:


Jackson got his festive haircut earlier and my sis picked him up and sent me this:


Oh my


Hand wash it in the sink maybe?

(Or wear a different shirt)


I seem to remember it raining loads when I lived there but compared to Newcastle (rains a bit but mostly cold) it was rainy.


You know what it has changed a lot since I first started working in the city centre like 15 years ago. It did rain a lot then for sure but in the last 6 years or so it really doesn’t much at all. End times and all that though innit.


One cup of tea is never enough and two is one too many


Pulled a white hair out of my forehead


Imagine Burial feat The Streets that would be good wouldn’t it lads


Weak become heroes or blinded by the lights remixed by burial


Just made us Negronis.

Absurdly bitter, how do people drink these things? Is it going to grow on me?


That text was so cool it killed yr battery


Jnr fashioned a step out of her potty earlier so she could get closer to the speaker when I was playing Sufjan.

Found her with her eyes closed and swaying her head emotionally.

Maternal DNA test not required.


N’aww :blush:


This has done me


Omg when did she become not a baby

Time just disappears I swear


Which Sufjan? Christmas?


You know it (O Come O Come Emmanuel). She said “it’s a very good one”.