Thursday evening


Mike Skinner does the vocal on U Hurt Me.


He’s killed me here.


Aww. Come to Norfolk - her and my eldest can have a boogey to the elf dance

(She’s stopped doing it now, but a couple of years ago she made up this sort-of interpretative dance to Get Behind Me, Santa! It involved pretending to tell Santa off and then pretending to be Santa and patting her belly with a jolly face)


Long live Foley


Haha. I love an interpretative dance.


Had a nap for no real reason other than I didn’t want to work.

Still don’t want to work so might go back to sleep.




Halloumi and double cous for dinner. whenever I make couscous it is not good, whenever I have it elsewhere it is good, what am I doing wrong?

Also in the past ive always worried how to store halloumi after opening with the liquid and stuff, now I realise the solution is just to eat it all in one go


wtf is double cous and where can I buy it?


The joke is that it’s cous cous


oh :frowning:


Is it the giant one? Love the giant one.


Oh no. I get it now. I thought you meant double in size


my work canteen sometimes does something called ‘giant’ couscous but it seems to be pasta, not sure how I feel about it


ttf’s absolutely done everyone with the double cous


That’s the one I love!

Only downside is it can get a bit slimey.


isn’t that orzo?


Hey @Kallgeese we got Nat king Cole on tonight. You happy with that?!


I cannot wait to go to Manchester for the DiS gig.

Im tempted to bring the fam. Any recs on family friendly airbnbs / rentals? Need three beds and maybe a sot for the dog (so the Manc crew can meet my boi).



Aldi always have it in