Thursday evening


That’s a good point actually

He’d be able to regale you with anecdotes about his oeuvre


I’m actually doing okay today :slight_smile: sleepy as heck though


Gotta be up wicked early tomorrow. Going to bed slightly earlyish


Hi Witches!


Hey Witches :woman_mage: :wave:


he’d keep trying to sell you a phone contract. it’d probably get quite annoying.


Now this is also a good point

Kevin Bacons throws up a real minefield of questions


Might go to bed early and comfort listen to some Roman history


But you could talk about his appearance in Friday the 13th and also about that time he starred in Tremors. I’d also want to talk to him about Hollow Man.


Hello Lo-Pan, hello @MartyFunkhouser How are you both doing??


Just found out my grandma is in hospital after having two nasty falls :frowning:

Really want her to be ok


Hello everyone. Hope you are all having lovely evenings.


Aw that’s shit GP, hope she’s ok :hugs:


I’m very well thank you. Had a great couple of days off. Back to work tomorrow which is shit, but get to start work on @aboynamedgoo’s raffle prize, which will be nice.


Get well soon gps gran :+1:


Evening Witches, not too bad at all. Having a supremely good hot toddy and listening to Nat king Cole :grinning::+1::tumbler_glass:


Oooo, the raffle was so lovely :blush: what is it you have to do?

@lo-pan Oofft! Love a hot toddy, good work!! Kinda fancy some mulled wine now :thinking:


Sorry to hear about your gran :confused: hope she’s okay, sending you massive hugs xx


@MartyFunkhouser @Witches

thanks guys.

tbh she’s not been doing that well recently, when i spoke to her after my birthday she apologised for not sending a card despite having sent one :frowning:

i just like… want her to be ok, despite knowing that the inevitable will have to happen one day. rubbish, isn’t it?


And JFK. He was amazing in JFK.