Thursday Evening

Evening all! Hope you’ve had spectacular days - tell me about them! What good things happened to you today? What have you had/having for dinner?

Oi oiiii :beers: :beers: :beers:

Vish n chips for tea


You know what to do

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Heyooo :wave:

Pizza for tea.

Gonna play video games all night probably :man_shrugging:


Trying not to get wound up playing shop with M. She’s getting it all wrong

Just give me the plastic apple and my change.


is this the vish and chips you’re talking about?

I listened to 25 minutes of Axl Rose singing gimme some reggae, that was one of the best bits of today!


Donated blood late pm then had a couple of glasses of Shiraz when I got home. I would thoroughly recommend drinking on seven pints of blood :+1:


Have you at least had a MacDonald’s yet?


Day was okay, but tiring… Fell asleep on the train and snored myself awake!

Just gonna read tonight and have some soup, perhaps.

making something from that vegetarian tin book, but I put chicken in it too

Just had a wee beer to take the edge off of last nights fun.
Now en route to my bros for my nephews 2nd b’day. :beers:

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Cant watch it just now but it’s a deep fried banana flower, everywhere in hackney is doing it

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yeah thats the one.

Oh I missed this in all the chaos. What did you get?

That good eh?

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Evening all!

Planning to finally watch the Bros documentary later. I feel like I’ve read about all the good bits on the internet already.

Who knows what’s for dinner.

Beans on toast, pizza or fish n chips if you’ve been indoctrinated properly.


Taught some maths teachers a lesson today

Going to see a gamelan ensemble play Kraftwerk tunes in a bit, really looking forward to it

you know when brits abroad really latch onto a phonetic element of a foreign language (think Shteeve Mclaren in Holland) and then use it indiscriminately for everything. my housemate does this with Spanish and its doing my nut.