Thursday Evening

Not got any plans tonight? Good, you can keep me company on my next train (which is delayed, boo). Keeping warm with a salted caramel hot chocolate. It’s good.

Lots of chat tonight please, quantity over quality

Anyone tuning in for the spectacular finale of Hunted tonight at 9pm on ch4?

About to go for my lunch, pretty sure I heard the chef call me a bad word this morning #prayforeric

I’m afraid I will be #onatrain for Hunted. I may have to mute the thread around 21:30.

evening laelfy, hope the train journeying is all going well so far.

was so close to going for a pint but i knew if i went for one i’d go for two and if i had two i’d have three…
picked up some food to cook and will behave myself. i am also on the last stretch of a cold so drinking would have been a stupid idea.

Gonna catch up on some masterchef.


i had a salted caramel protein shake for breakfast this morning. it was #decent

not doing much tonight, pretty knackered. probs watch some Møre lost. ate a cookie earlier so I’ll need to jump on the bike for a little bit or I’ll feel bad about it.

Going to the pub in a bit to talk German to strangers. Romantisch.

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I wish I was on a train! Instead I’m on a shitty bus to town.

Meeting my GF at an exhibition. We’re meant to get food afterwards but we forgot it was flippin’ Valentine’s Day. No chance we’ll get somewhere decent.

Aren’t you always in the gym right now? I’m sure you can handle a cookie.

how does it work? do they have loads of people on all at the same time and they gradually catch them all sort of in real time. or is it like each episode is a different contestant?

Evening! Had a great day in with Mrs F playing board games and watching trashy TV. Going to cook up our M&S meal deal, drink some wine, watch some more junk and try not to think about work tomorrow.


i eat quite a lot of food is the problem

Yeah dont look it up on twitter either, it’s a doozy.

Been babysitting for a neighbour so got to tidy the chaos induced mess.

Probably have an early night because that’s wgat i do every night then panic all the next day about the emails i should have replied to instead.

In traffic on the way to Hobbycraft. Fun!

What are you getting from Hobbycraft?

What are you getting from the Chinese?

oh god i would destroy some chips in curry sauce rn



I’ll take you on a photographic journey


Each series is 10ish fugitives and theyre on the run for 25 days. There’s 25ish hunters and they basically go after whoever’s being the most dense at tge time. Last ep there’s an extraction point that the remaining ones have to get to to win.

I’m voting for the crispy beef and kung po chicken