Thursday Evening πŸ‘‹

Evening everybody

I had a local site visit today so I got home at a decent time. Already had dinner - red Thai duck curry and two naan instead of rice which I pimped up with some garlic butter. I feel like I should really got to the gym tonight since they are shutting in Scotland tomorrow, but can I be arsed?

Tell me about your evenings please

Off to walk a dog.

Off to do a Lidl shop.

Off to sit on my arse and hit a virtual ball with a virtual car.

Just finished work. Sat in my car waiting for the condensation on the inside of the windscreen to shift. Need a dehumidifier in here really. Soup for tea, early bed

Having steak mac n cheese for tea, will probably watch more Crown and drink some squash.

laelfy it’s extremely cold here today, got the extra radiator on and it’s barely making a difference.

What’s going on?!

Having a beige dinner then will probably stay in and play computer games, for a change of pace.

Still full from fish n chips. Reckon I’ll skip dinner



Having macaroni cheese for tea and 4 beers.

Will watch masterchef, taskmaster later.

My beer fridge arrived earlier so set that up to cool before I stock it up.

Here’s a photo of Oscar being cute


Winter 1 I believe

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Must be so great to be a cat


surely we are into Winter 2 by now :frowning:

Would be ace wouldn’t it

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that is a content looking cat

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are you cutting up the steak and putting in the mac and cheese?

i’m into that


Oh yeah. Might chuck some green beans in there too.


Just had the least successful run ever, because dark.
Them upstairs are listening to blink 182 again which is completely fine with me because I like them too.


Got to do yoga and then sit under a blanket. Roof tiles are off so it’ll be chilly night…

I warned you about that Kasabian live DVD




I feel like a real sellout for saying this but I’m glad I went yesterday. I’m trying to work out if I have time tomorrow for a daytime visit before the doors close again.