Thursday evening

Today I did a thing

What things have you done today?


congratulations on your thing!


Watched a lot of Sopranos and looked after the kids.

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I’m off to play tennis now which is probably a bit crazy

Suits you!

I’m about to do try outs for an electric wizards team, except it’s a beginners group so I need to not be too good.

Can’t imagine that’ll be a problem


The thing I did today was go for a sea swim, which on one hand is quite uneventful since it was my third this week, but on the other was notable, because I don’t think I’ve EVER been in the sea on three consecutive days except when I’ve been on holiday


I have ordered take away but I am pms-ing so hard the thought of eating it is making me want to boke. Hopefully it will have calmed down when the food arrives.

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Did a lot of work today. Too much if anything. Tacos for dinner and some ciders is what’s happening now.

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went for a swift beer after work, had more and now got a nice wee haze on. an atd that i hadn’t heard from in ages just sent me a really daft message and i feel very good for it. :relaxed:

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red wine or white wine

  • it’s roasting you twat, white.
  • but yer feeling pretty chill and fuck the weather. red
  • don’t care dickhead

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finally had my 1st pint o’ vaccine this morning. no side effects yet apart from this weird metallic taste in my mouth and my appetite has gone. maybe i’ll turn into the silver surfer or something. pre-emptively cancelled all my classes today and tomorrow anyway and also because I kind of need a break.


actually closing this early doors. a) i want a drink now b) it’s gotta be white :+1:


Oh I could go an ice cold glass of white right now but the only wine I have in is a bottle of red.


i mean it’s one or the other so you can’t go wrong :slight_smile:

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Not much, but look at my cactus!! I bought this in 2014 or 15 from a craft fair in east london that I dragged my friends to, it wasn’t on for sale but I asked if I could buy it and got it for almost nothing, it was really tiny. It would have been long dead if I cared for it as I am bad at plant care but my mum looked after it and its thriving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cactus:


Very true, think i’ll be having a glass of red with my tea! :slight_smile: :wine_glass:

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Evening all. Very long and tiring day (and slightly frustrating too) - need a bit of time to decompress.

On the plus side: I’ve switched to having an evening shower after I finish work for the day and it’s a game-changer:

  • it provides a nice ‘full stop’ for the working day
  • I’m at my freshest physically on my own time, not work’s time
  • t-shirt and PJ shorts are perfect for lounging around when it’s a warmer evening
  • I can spend slightly longer in bed in the morning as a result

Just been for a big walk. Cba cooking again. Koka noodles or a takeaway again, second night in a row.

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Cleaned my living room windows and tidied my room finally. Hate putting clothes away so so much.

On a mission to get the flat looking great but I’m just moving stuff from room to room one day at a time.

Monsoon season has hit Prestwich… Absolutely tipping it down.