Thursday evening

I don’t think I’ve ever dusted :no_mouth:

We make it quite regularly now - double up all the flavours and cook it until it starts to char everything.

did you take any photos?

I suppose that since it’s become a staple, you’re well past photographing it

I hate hoovering because of the noise. One day I’ll live somewhere with no carpets and just sweep instead.

The Expanse is a great TV show


He was offered and turned down both!


I’ve only now realised the reason I might be sweating so much other than the extraordinary heat is because I’ve also been swearing a sweater all day. I have now put a T-shirt on. Sticky

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Tbf I am punching

was 28°C here today according to the car thermometer. Woke up late, drove to my parents’ to jumpstart dad’s car, had lunch, went to the beach, read some lovely book in the sun, went for a swim, fell asleep in the sun, came home, had another nap, went for a cycle, got a top 10 on a climb, had dinner, now booze on the sofa with the new Midwife album. Not a bad first day of hols, all told


Ever feel sad when you’re tired and then struggle to work out if you’re actually sad or it’s just extreme tiredness?

Been getting that a lot lately


I thought the Calippo would have sealed the deal tbh


Providing I don’t have to do anything I love being really tired, just sitting in a daze is so comforting. Almost a shame to go to sleep and spoil it

watching that fear street part iii

had a chill night sitting on the street outside a pub and having a few beers and chatting shit. think i’ve missed the chat more than the beers to be honest.

I get sad when I’m hungry

together, we’ve covered at least two of the ways in which babies are always sad

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Ah it’s a classic combo tbf, beers and chats dancing in beautiful harmony

wings of desire’s on film4, who needs sleep, just going to sit and lament the human experience

After tofugate the night before, I did think about it but didn’t.

I like that book but I think everything we’ve had from it benefits from double-flavouring and slightly longer cooking.