Thursday! Evening!

Hi hello.


Oh yeah, I bought a lemon slice and a salted caramel brownie from the bakeshop this morning, so we’re having half of each for pudding :yum:


Evening :crescent_moon: Had an actually good day at work where two of my projects came to a really positive conclusion, and today is my Friday so that’s good. Spent the evening so far making veggie haggis sausage rolls and prepping the flat for my sister and baby niece coming to stay tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Got to start going in the office for the first time in 2 and a half years for a couple of days a week.

Not even bothered about the commute as it’s just a forty minute walk away, will be nice probably. It’s the sitting near people and listening to them whinge or their fucking opinions, or heaven forfend LUNCH CHAT. Will be able to go pub though which is definitely a bonus.

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evening, having a coupla beers.

have taken tomorrow afternoon tomorrow to take my niece here -
canny fucking wait :laughing: :relaxed:


It’s late, isn’t it? How did that happen? Good telly night tonight.

I’m going to have to go to New Delhi with new work. I’m going to pretend that’s exciting.

Have fun. I was meant to be going but I’m too sick to go out drinking and having fun. Fuck this cold. It better be gone by the weekend because I’ve got Lewes Psych Fest on Saturday

I’ll go instead if you want?


Pulled my lower back out haven’t i
Don’t even know how

I am making a fish pie in my new oven. I have never made a fish pie before.

Then SATC (well AJLT) and apprentice and then go to bed as per uje


There’s a proper butcher near me, and a few years ago I paid a visit with the intention of getting some turkey for Christmas. The smallest turkey related item they sold served six, or eight - some number massively higher than I was cooking for - and he looked at me like I was on another planet when I tried to explain that was far too much.

Maybe some butchers can’t comprehend not eating vast quantities of meat for three meals a day?

Liked for the fish pie not your back. Your new kitchen is amazing btw.

That’s amazing. I go a lot with work, and love it dearly. Haven’t been since autumn 2019 and really miss it. I miss traveling!

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Ugh. My in-laws are leaving on Saturday after almost three weeks. Really happy to have their help with the kid but this has been way too long, can’t wait to get my place back.

Now just found out they’re coming beginning of March for 3 more weeks holy fuck :expressionless:

Having a saaaaaaad day of hating myself for so so so many reasons. Feel like taking tomorrow off sick, but I can’t really.

Went to the gym after with, did an hour’s cardio, then decided to run the 4 miles home, like a fool. Wiped out now.

I told my bf I put it on the gram and he’s like ??? It’s not finished
Cause literally the other side of the room is a total shit show where we’re too lazy to paint or finish it :joy:

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Your insta story has also inspired my latest kindle purchase…

When I think about you I touch my mince woooooah

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Honestly it is possibly the best book I’ve read since Jessica Simpson’s memoir

I have been HOOKED.