Thursday evening

I’m tired. Post must be at least 10 characters

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Hi. I’m awaiting a Chinese because I’ve went two days without eating which wasn’t planned. Good telly night tonight.

Why and how did you manage to go 2 days without eating? Don’t wait for your takeaway, eat some toast immediately!


Hi tired.

I now know that one of my builders is recently divorced - she got the house - and the other builders don’t like him because they think he thinks he’s better than them.

I cannot overstate how little I care about any of this.


Did loads of work today and still have loads to do :sob:

Got pizza for dinner though :yum:

Well it got to tea time last night and I realised I hadn’t eaten all day and then somehow forgot. Managed to do the same today… I’ve clearly been a bit distracted. Food here now though!


There’s a beautiful dark Partridge vibe to this post.


Just got in, defrosting some bol for my penbol

‘Surely you can just build a new house though’

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What we got other than shuggs? Afcon?

Good evening friends.

Had a right annoying day of like… nothing bad per se, but just annoying. Like, I’m going away this weekend so I got a key to my door cut to give to my neighbour so she can check on the cat but I’ve just checked it and it doesn’t work and this is irksome cause I accidentally went to like… a really posh cobbler by mistake and I feel a bit shafted. We had a nice conversation about enjoying the smell of solvents but paying £7.50 for a key that doesn’t work has put my back up a bit.

And I’ve had to make phone calls and send emails to do stuff for my Nanna and it’s fine but I don’t really know what I’m doing (I don’t have a scooby what some of the words said to me mean) and it’s a bit stressful and I find myself looking around for a sensible adult before realising like, aw boots, that’s me innit. Drat.

OH and I needed to buy some jeans today and every young person shop I went into… I just… apparently you can’t find a normal pair of jeans for love nor money now, the fashion is great big Tony Hawk 90’s flared ripped things and I just don’t need to be looking like Mr Strong of Mr Men fame. Anyway I did eventually find some jeans in M&S and as I was paying I had to SLIP MY READING GLASSES OFF MY HEAD TO SEE THE SELF SERVICE MACHINE PROPERLY. Physically I am clearly older so why’s my brain not got the wisdom yet??? HMMM??

Oh and on top of all of that, why does @Epimer get all the fun builder gossip and isn’t appreciating it?? Or at least properly taking notes and relaying it?? That’s the sort of environment I thrive in and he’s being ungrateful.

Feel better now. Sorry for the rant.

Dragon’s Den!

Am bowling :bowling:

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I have had the same problem with a key, I took it back and they neatened it up and it worked

Re jeans, I have same problem every time I try to shop for anything that I want an ordinary version of. I tried to buy black trousers for work once - they’re all fucking shiny or have sparkly bits on or some kind of nonsense. Try to buy a plain long sleeved tshirt, no they’re all oversized or cropped or the ugliest colour imaginable.

Oh that’s good to know vis a vis the key- will do that next week. Thanks froggy :blush:

YEAH!! Why is everything cropped ffs??! Even jumpers?! I want the opposite of cropped! I don’t understaaaaand :sob:


I also had a really annoying day of trying to get systems to do something that should be really simple, like give me a map with fucking zoom options on it, seriously why would anyone want a map you can’t zoom in on. I almost threw my laptop out of the window. I’m getting angry about it again now. I don’t need to look at the whole of Europe, just let me zoom in so I can actually see my data you dickheads!

don’t @ me

Also on team tired

Had waffles and pitta pizza for tea.
Will likely be asleep in an hour.

You’re not the boss of me!!1!11!!111

Hey DiS,

Nothing exciting to report tonight. I did Jimbo’s bedtime, and then the washing up, and I’ve just finished a caramel magnum. And that’s it. Tv I’m not too fussed about in the background - some cookery program