Thursday evening

Had a bit of an ostrich head in the sand day where I went for a long walk, watched a lot of that zombies in a high school show on Netflix and was generally vacant, no thoughts allowed. Tomorrow I have to get on with things though and boy are there lots of them to get on with. Have to do something for my PhD, apply for jobs, go to 2 different personal training trials that I’d set up and forgotten about the same day clash, pay a bunch of bills, do a lot of laundry and try not to get overwhelmed or mad at myself for being overwhelmed and end up stressed as well as sad. Then if I get on with it all I’m going to treat myself to a walk somewhere new on Saturday, going to a braces consultation the other side of London so probably somewhere there

I’m oot

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Think I’ve seen some places advertise it for like 50p round here

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The Cat’s took me my seat I went to put a wrapper in the bin and he’s nicked my pissing seat.

Worse he knows what he’s done and is mocking me.


I’m eating a big deep pan pizza. the pizza shop does deep pan now. it’s like the 90s

had a really draining and dispiriting argumentconversation with my dad where nothing was resolved and we just sort of agreed not to be around each other as much as possible, & I just feel completely fucked

going to take a bunch of valium and watch S2 of justified until I fall asleep, like a cool guy

im desperate for spring to start now. I want to sit outside in the sunshine in the evening.

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My darling partner craved chocolate so I dug out the stuff for baking. Fucking terrible. Finished the whole bar though, obviously

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Back in England. Knackered.


Can’t stop watching this (I know it’s from ages ago)

“What’s this?”

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Found an interesting life hack.

Part of my evening routine is about an hour before teeth brushing and proper bed time, I’ll queue 20 mins of music on my phone and leave it to play on my AirPods for me while I go downstairs to do my bits and bobs of cleaning, sorting the cat for the morning, taking my vitamins, feeding Brian the coffee machine etc.

Anyway the hack is to accidentally put on your 2017 running playlist that’s just drum n bass. Turns out, the fast tempo and the fact it’s awful music you can’t change cause your phone is upstairs means it’ll take seven minutes. Less than half the time.


I am extraordinarily knobbed

To the thread!

Never fails to amaze me how bang on the Harry and Paul Question Time sketch is.

That Dr is pretty good

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